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    Packers post game

    At least Green Bay knows how to pull a QB. I bet they stick with it too. This staff is just plain stupid.
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    After being up 16 in the fourth and ending with a tie, it still feels like a loss. Another blown 4th quarter lead. This coaching staff simply doesn't know how to win a game. Definitely a winnable game against a depleted GB. However, I did some some bright spots that bode well for next season, assuming we get a competent caoching staff and a qb who can play in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RK. View Post
    Why did we throw a screen the last play of over time instead of heaving it down the field and maybe hoping for a pass interference giving us a chance to win? I just don't get the play calling.
    thats easy, Ponder wouldn't have got it anywhere near the endzone - tried that a couple of weeks ago and was 10 yds at least short. Trying that yesterday would have given him a hernia (so actually why didn't we try? )

    yes your right Toby had a great game and showed what he could do so no complaints from me. In addition Audie Cole played a blinder as well and makes you wonder why we released him originally.

    Play calling was still poor in my opinion, opening drive Peterson has an 11 yd run, so Musgrave goes straight to the pass for the next three plays and we have to punt ( after 2 sacks on Ponder ). Way to go Musgrave and give the impetus back to the Packers. As soon as we were into OT it felt like Musgrave and Frazier were playing for the tie with the conservative chicken shit plays that were sent in on both sides of the ball. Sooner these two are gone the better IMO.

    Patterson showed a bit more of what he can offer, would have been good if he'd made that sideline catch in the 4th quarter when Ponder had his one good pass for the game. Simpson made a couple of catches that were made harder than they should have been due to a ball with no zip on it at all. OL had some good blocks and opening holes for the backs but were average at best - same for the DL who had mixed results.

    Rhodes made some very good plays which helped make me forget about some of the other atrocious plays from other backs - if nothing else it showed our depth is piss poor and needs addressing in the off season

    In all a day when the Pack were in a position to be beaten and yet we let them off the hook. Hopefully next time we play them we will have a coaching staff that are looking to win and coach the players accordingly.
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    We finally had a game with some promise!

    I'll put it this way, we've lost to worse teams on the road before.

    Coaching still plays not to lose. As long as fraizer is here, we'll never become competitive.

    Having said that, by position

    QB: C+ On paper it looks like Ponder had an alright game. But watchinghim, he didn't. Still too quick to run. Take a sack when we're needing to drive downfield? Still stares down receivers, and Green Bay dropped two pretty routine interceptions. He's just simply not the anser.

    RB: A Great job by both of them. AP grindingit out, Toby with the big runs (That just sounds weird). AP ran harder, as something like 90+ of his yards came after contact, while over70 of Toby's yards came before contact. If we could get holes like that for AP he'd be unstoppable.

    OL: B Streaky. Some good moments and some not good moments. I truly now think Ponder Magnifies thetroubles the Line pass pass protecting. I don't think they're quite as bad as he makes them look

    WR: B Some good moments, some bad. Drop by Patterson down the sideline was tough, but Simpson went up and made some big grabs. Wright had a drop too. The Patterson drop in the endzone was tipped (Almost picked).

    DL: C+ Not lots of pressure. Tolzien/Flynn was able to get away most of the time

    LB: B+ Great first game for Toby. Everyone else was unremarkable. Missed tackles, but also a few really good plays that stood out

    DB: C+ If we could get this play from Rhodes consistently, we're golden. Everybody else needs to step it up.

    K/P: B. No complaints about Walsh. Locke is bothering me. He's just not good. His punts aren't that long, and seems incapable of pinning a guy close to the goal line. It's always at the 20,or 19. Id like to see better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_bleed_purple View Post
    LB: B+ Great first game for Toby. Everyone else was unremarkable. Missed tackles, but also a few really good plays that stood out
    Toby? You mean Audie?
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    I thought the officiating was horrible from both sides but it really hurt us much more. The pass interference call and holding were complete jokes.

    What was up with punting it from near midfield with 9 seconds left in regulation. WTF????????????

    I like Simpson, the the drops by other WR's killed us late.
    I've been a Viking fan since I was just out of diapers, hopefully we get Super Bowl win before I go back in 'em.

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    Hard to even blame the coaching staff for this one (on the offensive side of the ball at least). We weren't conservative. We played to win, but our receivers decided that they were tired of catching the ball after three quarters. Those three drops were what really killed us offensively at the end. All three were easy catches. If any one of them had been caught we probably win the game.

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    LOL! A freaking Tie!?!?? HaHa!! Really tho, I love it, it removes all the silly tie-breaker stuff from where we pick in the draft, doesn't move our pick, and yet does not give the Pack a win on their turf!

    As for Ponder, like one of my Roommates said, he played a 3rd string QB to a tie, that pretty much tells us he's equal to a 3rd string QB, eh!?

    Seriously tho, yeah, he makes some nice throws once in a while, and did have at least 3 very catchable passes dropped yesterday, but, he still stares down his first option and looks to run too quick when that guy his stare is drawing the defense towards isn't open. We pretty much have to spend one of our first two picks on a QB. We can keep the Ponder and/or Freeman or Cassell, but we need to focus on adding somebody with more potential to the roster. IF more than one of them ends up being good, awesome! A good backup is nice to have, just ask the Pack.
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    For me, its a glaring example of why we need new coaches.

    The Packers were getting spanked and made adjustments. They started coming back.

    We made no positive adjustments and almost lost. This has been the story all year, except the other team usually seals the deal.
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