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    That's the dilemma. We have the talent to beat anyone. I think it comes down to desire and intensity. Sometimes I get the feeling that some players are just going through the motions, fulfilling assignments, but never giving that extra little bit that turns average teams into contenders, playing until the whistle blows. Bud Grant gave a locker room speach and talked about "Making One More Play" - giving a little extra. Back in the seventies I think it was Bill "Boom Boom" Brown that came up with the slogan 40 for 60 (forty men going all out for 60 minutes). If just one player out of the eleven on the field are not giving 100% every play we will get beat. That mentality needs to be instilled in the players before we're serious contenders.

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    yes exactly...i know alot of people loves moss here but he is a prime example of not playing 100% of every play. when he doesnt do that the rest think hey why not then they all get that mentality and bam you have a bad game on your hands..but that is why games are 60 minutes not 30...
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