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    packerguys prediction

    Believe it or not I think u guys will upset philly in a close ball game.

    I however, and I am not saying this to be an ass, see u guys losing to atlanta with atlanta of course beating the rams this weekend.

    This however is based upon a healthy vick. I still am not sure about that shoulder of his.

    If the rams upset the falcons then a minnesota/st. louis mathcup could be entertaining. I think I lean with the rams but if the vikings step up defensively again they can beat them because the rams havent been all the great themselves.

    What I cant figure out is if the packers loss was due to how bad the packers really are or if the vikings are just better than they showed. OR the packers just had one of them days.

    oh well it doesnt matter

    I will enjoy the rest of the playoffs even though my club will be watching with me
    later guys

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    packerguys prediction

    Ok, I'll take one game at a time. Not too worried about the Falcons or the Rams. Just the Eagles now.

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    packerguys prediction

    I think at this point, I would rather play ATL than STL.

    I don't want anything to do with Bulger to Holt, Bruce, Faulk, McDonald.

    I would rather have Vick to Crumpy, Dunn and (there isn't anyone else).

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    packerguys prediction

    Philly is ripe for an upset. I forgot the actual statistic, but teams that rest players before the playoffs generally do not perform well, and in this case, Philly has had almost a month off from a real football game. This was one of the reasons I was pissed the Packers had to play the Vikings in the opening round. I was pretty confident in a Viking upset of Philly, setting the stage for a Packer/Viking NFC championship game. judging from sunday's game, it wouldn't have been that cool anyway.

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    packerguys prediction

    At this point, after early season enthusiasm and then grim reality setting in, I take nothing regarding this Vikings team or their opponents for granted. I like to spin things to convince myself of the Vikings chances for winning, but have found myself disappointed far too many times this year.

    Say what you want about Atlanta and the competition they faced; they still won 11 games this season. Same with the Eagles; before they wrapped things up and shut it down, they only lost 1 game. The Rams are playing their best football of the season right now.

    I don't dare predict a winner of Sunday's game. I can envision several reasonable scenarios where the Vikings can win, and I hope they do. But just like last Sunday, there are more to suggest that the Eagles will prevail. If the Vikings as a team step up like they did last week, it should at least be a close game, closer than the game of week two.

    Oh, and Packerguy...the Packers loss said nothing about whether the superior Packers lost to the inferior Vikings, or the superior Vikings beat the inferior Packers. In reality, both are very talented offensive teams with weak defenses, and really are pretty much even as far as who is better and who is worse. On that particular day, the Vikings played better - that's all.

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    packerguys prediction

    brilliantly put... thats the best summary of it all ive heard all week

    i m better than you, so just give up...

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