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    Packer week and I'm stuck in Milan

    What a bad week to be away from home and the comfort of my broadband line. I've been trying to use dial-up to keep up to date with things but it has been painful to say the least.
    Today though the dial-up seems to have been better and almost bearable to use. I have been advised of a bar in Milan that may be showing NFL so I'll be going down there shortly to check it out and see if the Vikes game is on down there. If it is then great and I shall be there flying the Purple flag and hoping to see the cheeseheads kicked about the Dome, however if the game isn't on then I'll be online here and listening via Field Pass - God bless it !

    So keep the faith my purple brothers and sisters and we will prevail this day !
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: Packer week and I'm stuck in Milan

    Spoken like a true fan!

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