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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    Wow, gush much better than I could ever dream!!!

    Just to spite you, though, I'm getting personalized plates with JWALK on them. He he he.

    I said it before: the Vikes have finally exorcized the demon, spent the coffers in reserve, and drafted like they aren't mentally challenged.

    With Moss, you had no chance to ever win a Super Bowl.

    Without him, and a team approach, you have the talent to go. I wouldn't say this year, but if you play some cards right, within a couple of seasons.

    But....Bill Belichek is no Mike Tice. You need the coaching to put it all together. That's my only hope in the Packers being able to top you guys again this season, cause not much else has given me such hope.
    We got weapons but do we have the coaching staff.

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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    Since this is GB talk I thought i would just mention that Javon Walker got rid of his agent and got Drew Rosenhaus. (Mario Manningham)

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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    Pack are only looking to the future and with Favre they need to win now, Rodgers was a good pick but they still need a lot of D help. Cap hell has caught up with them now as it did to us after 1998. It sucks when your favorite team is humstrung by the cap.
    "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn t work hard."

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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    it's about time . i was getting tired of reminding some of these idiots that we know the pack has super bowls, so stop crying and tring to instigate stupid aguements about franchize players that finished there carrier here. (that's for johnnybgoode).

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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    Very nicely played JWalk. It's good to know we can "talk football" and not bash eachother's teams. Even though I am a staunch Viking fan, I respect no one more in this leage than Brett Favre. It kills me to say it, but it's true. I'm definitely going to miss seeing him in action.I look forward to many a rivalry game these coming seasons. Thanks for your post.

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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    get your facts STRAIGHT, kiddo!!! I'm a sheer Packer Backer, however, I have yet to clown the Vikings. Have you once read my post slugged "Vikings picks...Bono has to admit it"? I gave the Vikings praise for their outstanding draft choices. They really did a superb job in my opinion. It was my boys (Packers)who didn't do too well. Sure, we got ourselves a deal in the first round w/ Rodgers (Favre's hopeful about 10 years!!), however, those last -what was it, 7 picks? -picks should have been solely on defensive guys (what's with the WR?).
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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    Wow, it seems like most of the packer fans on here are sucking up to us for a splendid offseason and draft.

    Amazing, has that ever happened before. :shock:
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    **slowly opening eyes and sitting up after fainting**

    Thanks for the props, JWalk - nice to hear a Packer backer can be critical of his own team, too. You guys did get a nice future Favre replacement in Rodgers.
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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    Mark Maske of the Washington Post gave the Pack an "A" fact, it was the only "A" that he gave any team...this grade was based solely on the Rodgers pick...his rationale was "It is better to be lucky than good"...and he is already anointing Rodgers as the heir apparent to Favre! Has this fool ever heard of Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch? What a doofus!!!

    Meanwhile, he gives the Vikes a C-! All based on the fact that we took Williamson over Williams and that James has an injury history. Again, doesn't he remember that we got Udeze under similar circumstances and that Udeze didn't disappoint us and will be better this year?

    My question is how did Maske get his job and how many blowjobs did he have to give to get it?

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    Re: Packer Fans in Denial

    Thanks to you guys again, the only pack fans I have heard speak the truth about this offseason. You deserve credit, a nice cold beer, and a salute!!

    ccasion5: :salute:

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