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Thread: Packer fans

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    Packer fans

    "Odin VAVikefan" wrote:
    Hey Los:
    I really don't appreciate you posting the link <--suggestion DO NOT CLICK!
    on a public board where people other than your intended target (namely me) can click on it and watch their PC get completely fucked by unclosable animated pop-ups (29 of them by my count) and have it take about 30 minutes for the CTRL-ALT-DEL function to respond enough to be able to manually crash IE. Please use better discretion in the future.
    Sorry about that, Odin. SKOL just made me aware of that yesterday. I had no idea (I have pop-up blockers, so I was clueless.) I wll edit my posts to take it out, but please understand that the sentiment of the webpage is still there for VATW.
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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    Packer fans

    No worries Los, I actually found it rather amusing...and then my amusement turned to HORROR!!! All in all it was a good gag, just bad timing for me after I blew my coolant bypass hose on my Crown Vic after returning from a safety inspection at the repair shop (THE IRONY!!! :twisted: ).
    NMA --

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