I haven't read the other posts here yet, I'm just giving my opinion.

Should AP be returning punts/kicks?

[size=30pt]HADES NO!!!!![/size]

The LAST thing we need is some over eager special teamer to get a shot at teeing up on AP.
Sure, he might break the long run, but he might wind up out for the season too.
Isn't that why we kept Mewelde Moore?
Isn't that what Bobby Wade used to do?

On top of the fear of injury, I'll add in the fact that I absolutely HATE seeing our entire offense on the sidelines when we have the ball.
For those of you who miss the point there, AP is our entire offense.
Chester is a solid back, and I would like to see him as a relief back, but we NEED AP on the field as much as he can handle during offensive series.
Defenses are aware of him, and his presence puts them on edge....why take that away for them?
Yet Chiller does...far too often.
And, inevitably, he does it right after we return a punt/kick.

So, again, NO MORE.
The ONLY exception would be if we are down late and need a big return.
Similar to the Chicago game.
Other than that, use someone less indispensible.