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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    Loved TJ, the first team offense, the d-line, and our secondary.

    The special teams look REALLY shaky, T-Will's fumble was silly and I was a little dissapointed Longwell missed that FG.
    Also, the O-line didn't look that great, the running game was pretty dissapointing imo.
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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    Great move by Childress!!! Not going into OT

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    Speaking of announcers kornhiser wasnt bad but the guy i hate the most is starting for fox this year.
    Joe Buck.Yea the asshole who made it seem like moss killed someone when he pretended to moon the fudge packers.

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    i thought the first team offense did very well. you cannot really assess the defence against such a horrible QB in aaron brooks.
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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    I thought Johnson had a good first quarter. It looked like he had plenty of time behind that solid o-line. Still, wish there was more of a running game ... only time will tell. Was hoping to see more of Greenway, hope he's not hurt too bad. But not a bad NFL debut by another fellow Hawkeye in Kasper (#17).

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    "westvirginiavikings" wrote:
    He's in love with Moss, and he can't get of the boat.
    He wasn't as bad as that sideline reporter LaToya, is that her name??????? She just wouldn't drop it and I'm glad Smoot just handled it maturely and went on. We will be good, and I think the fans know it, the media will start to recognize it, and the team is starting to believe it. And when the team fully commits to it, it will be amazing!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOh I'm so excited I want to move to MN right now, even if it means living with a hermit.
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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    Summed up in a few words, not great -- not bad!
    Things I liked:
    + I loved the lack of penalties by the Vikes. They showed good disclipine. That was a problem last year.
    + I thought the first team defense was great. I particularly liked the rush from the outside. Lineback play looked pretty soild.
    + TJ was a pleasant surprise. I was especially surprised by his running ability. This kid is gonna be good. Well heck, he's good now.

    Things I didn't like:
    + I was disappointed in the offensive line blocking. I expected so much more from the running game.
    + The punt and kick return blocking stunk.
    + Cross O'Sullivan off the list.

    All in all, I was impressed with several things and I think with some more work the Vikes will prove to be a formatible team. I'm not so worried now if BJ goes down although it would still be a big problem. To me they look like what I expected and I still think they will be about a 9-7 or 10-6 team this year.

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    I didn't think Kornheiser was that bad either. He speaks his mind instead of being a talking head and he's also entertaining. I like that in an announcer. The other guys on the ESPN crew though... yikes.. BORING.
    F*** Kornholer!
    He is no Cosell...heck, he couldn't even carry Cosell's hernia brace!!!

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    T. Jackson is gonna be a pimp in this league

    T. Williamson does not look good. Hindsight, i still would have picked him over M. Williams since williams sucks but troy needs to step up.

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    The running game was unacceptably bad. Chester's stats show it but it was not his fault. He has no holes whatsoever to run through. They looked like the line from last year and that is pathetic considering we added Hutch, Birk, Hicks, and Richardson. Giving the ball to Richardson for the TD was old school, and even though I'm a member of the new school, I loved the playcall.

    The passing game was solid and efficient, but typical uneventful WCO passing. I don't think our receivers have the talent to come down with some of those jump balls we put up. I really wanted Jones to make that touchdown grab but it just got away. Speaking of getting away, Robinson had a touchdown in his hands and just dropped it, as did Stephen Jackson.

    Thank god its preseason.Offensive game ball has to go to Jackson, because no one else really did anything. Johnson was solid and I'm glad he's our starter.

    Other than a few long plays from an offense that has explosiveness but no consistency, our defense played amazing. They did great with short fields, got to the QB, broke up passes, caused turnovers, swarmed to the ball, I could go on and on. If this continues it will be tough to run on us.

    Brooks was so bad that we really didn't get a chance to look at the starting secondary. Great plays by Fox, Offord, nice hit by Blue, and Mckensie made two plays, but I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon yet. It's a tough call but I would have to give th game ball ot the entire DLine. Great run defense, Edwards showed speed, and when I saw Udeze and James meet at the QB, I felt as if I was looking 5 years into the future.

    Special Teams:
    Someone already said it...What the hell was Williamson doing on KR duty. I don't care that he dropped it because he should not have been there in the first place. With all the talk of new offense and defensive systems, apparently I forgot to notice that our Special Teams sucks. Bad returns and bad coverage. I cannot blame Longwell for missing a 55-yarder, but he has certainly made that kick in the dome before. Kluwe gets the game ball. He looked great! Cut Torp now! I love the Kluwe bomb!

    I have been back and forth on this, and I'm switching one more time, they are ugly. I like small things about them but not the whole outfit together. I think the main problem is that there is too much white. Also, the jersey matches the helmet and the pants match the shoes and socks, but the jerseys and pants don't match at all. I see them making minor changes in the future, kind of like the Patriots did with their uni's.

    If they made the white stripes on the jersey gold, and then had the gold lead down into the purple on the pants, it would look much better.For the away jerseys you would keep the purple stripe and have it lead into a gold stripe on the pants. Are you fashion desingers taking notes?

    Overall it was interesting and I didn't find myself moaning as much as I do with Madden. They had absolutely nothing to talk about, so talk about our mired history was expected. Even when they did talk about it, they stressed the theme that it was all in the past and that we were moving forward with a new regime. For all the rants of Kornheiser, nobody cared to mention that Theisman picked us as his bet to make the playoffs. They could have easily went, "Johnson is old and injury-prone blah blah blah" but they didn't. They chose to stress that he was experienced, a Super Bowl Winner, and a perfect fit for our offensive situation. That was a very pro-viking telecast and they were much more harsh on the raiders. I did however hate the Smoot interview. Trying to get him to admit things about the scandal on national TV is classless.

    Our new logo looks great on the helmets but dumb everywhere else.

    Overall we looked good with obvious room for improvement. I am confident that this is a playoff team, and that we will be ready for Week 1 @ Redskins.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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