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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    "michaelmazid" wrote:
    T. Jackson is gonna be a pimp in this league

    T. Williamson does not look good. Hindsight, i still would have picked him over M. Williams since williams sucks but troy needs to step up.
    I just don't get it..............TW should not have fumbled the kickoff.
    I agree.
    It was a hard hit but he should have seen it.
    Other than that, his number was called twice and he caught one ball and was interfered with on the other and the ball was spotted at the 3.
    The O scores a TD, and that's it for the first team for the night.
    How can you remotely say TW doesn't look good.

    1- he's not a kick returner and only returned kicks a few times in college when others were hurt (although he was pretty dangerous)

    2- The Raiders D would line up head up on TW, then as signals were being called, the DB would drop back about 8 yards.
    Obvious TW's speed was scaring them.
    The Vikes on passed about 5 times when the opening offense was in.
    TW accounted for two positive plays of the two he was thrown

    3- If the league DB's lay off TW 8 yds all the time, the slant will take care of that.
    Once that gets completed, the DB's will tighten up, the TW will run by them.

    4 - any fan that thought they were going to see a highlight reel by anyone in the first qtr of the first preseason game hasn't watched much football.

    This sums up the Vikes O in the first qtr last night.................BJ looked solid, and the O moved the ball to score.
    They didn't play the rest of the night.

    Be thankful that this team looks light years better than last year at this time.

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    Stats from last nights game:;_ylt=AkgZXZxoqWZzTXjRfXAr2dZDubYF?gid=200 60814016
    Even babies know the difference.

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    "CCthebest" wrote:

    Our offensive line did the worst of any pre season team Ive watched this year. So what if its pre season, at least come out to play. All the money we spent, they better get their pooh straight.

    Taylor flat out sucked.

    T. Williamson sucks. Id like to see him traded before everyone else sees this and hes worth something.

    Worst special teams ever.

    Putting Greenway on special teams right off the bat. BAD coaching!


    Brad Johnson was great. Give that man a raise Dickless err Childresss

    Koreen Robinson. This guy will be our bread and butter.

    Our starting deffensive line. Did a gol 'darnit good job, in everything from pressure to coverage. We may be back to the days where our deffense will have to win games.

    TJ should be named our 2nd string QB right away. The man has talent. He was picked too early, but at least he can play.
    You need to take a course in football 101.
    To say TW sucks is a joke.
    His fumble sucked, but his number was called twice and he delivered both times after that.
    Then he and the rest of the first team sat for the night.

    Did you notice how far Oaklands DB's played off TW.
    The slant will be money this season if that keeps up and TW will take several to the house.
    TW will be an all pro wideout and if you can't see that you need a reality check.
    Moss caught one pass last night........I guess the Raiders should trade him too.
    A preseason game is exactly what you got last night and the Vikes first team O looks like it has great potential.
    I guess b/c BJ didn't throw a bomb to TW means we should get rid of TW.
    That's laughable.

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    "Alharrissuks91" wrote:
    Ok u r an idiot because Twill is a great deep threat
    Taylor does not suck the o line was having trouble run blocking they will get better.

    Ding Ding Ding.............we have a winner.
    I couldn't have said it better myself.
    Oaklands DB's knew about TW's speed and they played 8-9 yards off every time.
    I kept saying alls we have to do is throw the slant to TW and it's money in the bank.
    We did it once.
    Thats ok b/c the Vikes appeared to be working on the run game wh/ needed it.
    I was impressed with the running of the first team backs.
    The guy that said trade TW needs help.
    There hasn't been one starting receiver on any team in preseason that's done anything special simply b/c they don't get but a few reps and then it's off to rest on the bench for the evening.
    TW's doing exactly what he's supposed to do and the upside is awesome.

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    My observations:

    1. Defense looked solid. It was so nice to see stunts and blitzing CBs, LBs and S. I was impressed even with the 3rd string defense. Heath Farwel. 9 tackles!! Awesome.

    2. I think McMahon was better than some people think. He played only 2 series and had the best throw (from a Viking) of the night if Robinson didn't drop it (sure TD). Jackson got more playing time and outplayed McMahon.

    3. Jackson looks awesome. I love him! Will probably be our No 2 QB by the beginning of the season. JT needs to go.

    4. The running game is EXACTLY what I expected it to be. I have been following the training camp notebook on Kfan religiously and they CONSTANTLY reported that the O-line needs more work at the run game, so I wasn't suprised. However, the key to our season is keeping Johnson on his feet, so I was very pleased to see the O-Line give all the QBs time to throw. I'm sure the run game will work itself out.

    5. I was suprised to see Memo be the 3rd RB. I can understand him stepping down for Taylor but he is DEFINITELY better than Fason. I still believe Memo has better vision and will out-run Taylor given the chance BUT (and a BIG but) his blitz pickup is horrible. I'm sure Fason's blocking is better than Memo's but that is not a reason to downgrade him.

    6. The only draft pick that didn't stand out was Cook. But I'm hopng it's because he plays a less prominent position.

    7. I didn't mind the commentary. What annoyed the heck out of me was the split screen stuff whenever they interviewed somebody on the side line. I thought Tony got off to awkward start but then kind of settled in.

    8. Calmness. Both offense and defense, all 3 strings (except O Sullivan) excuded calmness. That is new to me.

    9. Special Teams needs a lot of work. Mark down Kasper as the kick returner. Send him to the pro-bowl this year!
    Halo 4. Start another fight.

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    Re: Overall Assessment Of The First Game

    "V-Unit" wrote:
    Vanilla WCO? Is that supposed to be referring to our boring offensive scheme? So am I a boring person if I like vanilla ice cream?

    Can't we use a more positive sounding word? I am very excited to get used to our efficient WCO.
    Not boring.
    I like the WCO also and your word efficient.
    My point is that most of the "Vikings Fans" won't like the WCO as it will take to long to score and the scoring won't be as high.
    Again, I, for one love ball control offensives that rely on the defense to give them the ball back..........
    I think this will be a better year than most of the "experts" are predicting.

    By the way.
    They looked better beating Pittsburg.
    Can't wait to see them live with my wife and son on Sept 11th.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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