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    Outsiders View on the Vikings...

    Our LBs will get better with time. I know some fans hate to hear that but that's how the game is. EJ and DT are both great athletes with a lot of speed and intensity, and it's just a matter of getting experience with their roles in the defense especially playing pass defense against some of the very complex pass schemes that NFL teams use. I am frustrated with Claiborne, the guy has been injured so much it hardly seems worth it. I don't like Nattiel either. I haven't gotten to see either Newman or Smith play much this year so I can't speak to either of them.
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    Outsiders View on the Vikings...

    Oh yeah i like the LB of the future, i would personally like to see DT, EJ, and Raonall Smith as our LB's next year. They are young along with some guys on the defensive line and a couple in the secondary. Keep Cotrell around and let these guys grow up learning his system and playing for him.

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    Outsiders View on the Vikings...

    "JWalkRulz84" wrote:
    Whoa Whoa Whoa! Never a single time did I even say that the Packers were a superior team. Skol, you criticized me for saying someone had a lack of intelligence? Look at your comment..."You're no one to talk about lack of intelligence.?" I wasn't ragging on your team, I was just stating what I saw. And Vikings_fan66, did you not see me give a lot of credit to your D Line??? Its cool if you guys are gonna rag on what I say, but at least read what I wrote. And I'm not an NFL QB so I am not gonna line up behind center and read defenses...Don't you think if you get paid a lot to play QB, you should at least be smart about it? And we will see how well Brian Williams plays tonight. Never did I say anything about our secondary being good. We'll see next week.
    I didnt even say anything about our D line I was talking about Cullpepper and the comments you made about his intelligence.....Maybe you should read my post before you rag on it.

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    Re: Outsiders View on the Vikings...

    "JWalkRulz84" wrote:
    I have watched nearly every Viking and Packer game for the last year and a half since coming to school in Minnesota. I see a few things from this Viking team that takes them apart from championship caliber teams. The biggest thing is coaching. Mike Tice lacks the intelligence to be an NFL Head Coach. Some of his comments he makes in press conferences and his basic strategy as well as preparation seems to be very predictable and not enough. He made an absolute terrible decision with one of the most explosive players in the NFL in Randy Moss. The Vikes will be without him 100% healthy for 3-4 weeks.

    Now I know everyone is on the Culpepper bandwagon. He is a very good quarterback and has a very nice arm. However, he also lacks a lot of intelligence. This is a guys that barely got in to UCF. He is not a big game quarterback and will choke when you need him the most. Now, not anyone can put up numbers like he has and it takes a special player to be able to do that. Without Randy Moss lining up, Culpepper has a very difficult time making good throws and he will turn the ball over more than usual.

    The last thing I see is this defense. I like your front four. I think they have the potential to be like the front four of Carolina's. However you linebackers are not very good at all and your with the exception of Antoine Winfield, your secondary is very porous. They made a lot of plays last season as a lot of plays came right to them. This season its a different story. The secondary is getting torched.

    Overall, I believe the one solution to your team is to not retain Mike Tice and find a smart coach. A smart coach will mold Culpepper in to a much smarter player and I believe Culpepper will become more effective in big games. Until then, I see this team being inconsistent and possibly having another melt down like last year. But hey, Im a Packers fan and thats what I hope happens.
    1. Sherman is no better...the Pack made a stupid decision to get rid of Holmgren...they ended up giving Sherman what Holmgren wanted in order to stay in GB...and the Pack got a much worse coach out of the deal.

    2. Tonight's game totally disproved what you said about Pep...once he got settled down, he proved that he could make good throws, and other than the fumble, he didn't throw any mistakes tonight (all without Moss to fall back on).

    3. The D is still young and in the long run, I will take our D over most any others (including the Packers D), because they will be solid and deep in the next few years...we will draft more D players next year to complement the rising stars that we have now and the unit will gel into a fast, solid, dominant defense...with Cottrell leading them.

    Finally, Tice will learn from his mistakes...and I for one, will tolerate him because he is still doing better than some of the more experienced coaches out there...and he will have the Vikes up to play the Pack next week...TO WIN!

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    Outsiders View on the Vikings...

    well i wanna say great game guys...and the vikes secondary is good...but i personally think they just do not have any pass rushers...i mean look at all the time manning had to throw and when he was pressured he just shuttled it to edge and he ran it for a first down...but it was a good game overall...i think both defenses played alot better then they are ranked and over at hte colts forums we are hard on a few of our DB's especially rob morris...he had a huge miss tackle on that punt return for a td....but it was a great game...good luck against the pack this weekend
    proud fan of the SB XLI champions.

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    Outsiders View on the Vikings...

    Man whats with the trash the packer fan as soon as we see something we dislike??? he has some points and isint talking trash YET. :lol:

    However ill disagree with the part on the secondary with winfield being the only good enough. Williams is a good corner but is small like winfield, chavous hasnt been making the plays but is a good intelligent leader on the field whether he makes plays or not.

    Looking foward to the matchup this week however.
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    Outsiders View on the Vikings...

    "vikingstw" wrote:
    Your a f*cking idiot, I didnt say you said that your team was superior, i said dont talk sh*t when your secondary isn't any better than ours.

    Sure you wern't ragging on our team, you just said our defense is porus and Culpepper lacks A LOT OF INTELIGANCE.

    If your not a QB in the NFL then dont talk sh*t, about a QB who is playin at a high level.

    ..."You're no one to talk about lack of intelligence.?"
    I didn't say that you moron, read your damn posts before you try to defend something that you already said. Get lost fool. You make no sense.
    Vikingstw- this guy is on the money-you're the idiot-calm down.

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    Re: Outsiders View on the Vikings...

    "JWalkRulz84" wrote:
    Mike Tice lacks the intelligence to be an NFL Head Coach.

    Culpepper lacks a lot of intelligence.
    My point was, you are not qualified to question anothers' intelligence.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
    The word genius isn t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein - Joe Theisman

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