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    Welcome Zygi!!
    Here's my thoughts since last season!

    We traded Moss for Harris and a couple picks! In my opinion this was a good move.
    Moss had his chance to take this team to the top he just plain and simple never came through! He choked under pressure too often! He made some GREAT plays, but between his off field problems, and his on field" i'll play when I want to" attitude. I think it's was time for this team to move on.
    With that 1st round pick we got Williamson, who in my opinion will turn into a very good reciever! Maybee not this year but i see him as a #1 or #2 in the not to distant future.

    We added some "D" . Not back to purple people eaters of old , but with the pick up of key players like, Harris, Williams, Smoot, and Sharper, I must say this looks like a very good "D".

    We added some "O". With the pick ups of Taylor, Johnson, and others I think we added some depth!

    As for our latest pick up in K Robinson. I think it was a great move! Yes he has problems, but don't we all. I say we judge him from this day forward not the past! He has great play potential! Lets hope he delivers!

    I think we had a good pre-season, and look forward to the season!

    I,m predicting a 12- 4 season! With a great playoff run to the BOWL!!

    SKOL VIKINGS RIP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!
    For every question an answer! For every answer a why?

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    my 8 ball says ask again later

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