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    Our rookie punter

    ...That the 6-4, 215-pound Kluwe also has a leg that appears to be turbocharged doesn't hurt. On Friday, he launched a ball into the ceiling of the Vikings' indoor practice facility. The ball hit one of the hanging lights in the roof, knocking it to the ground and sending Loeffler running for cover.

    The damaged light sat on the back of a cart for the rest of practice.

    Tice's favorite thing about Kluwe might be how fast he gets his punts off.

    "This young man averaged a 1.87 get-off in the game," Tice said. "Virtually, you could have a guy run free and they can't block the kick. So that's the great thing..."


    Funny how our special teams and defense woes are finally being resolved. This team feels different... I like it! (So long as Pep has good games)

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    Re: Our rookie punter

    How was this guy ever let go?

    "24 mil under the cap? there are teams 30 mil over the cap, heck that gives us at least 50 mil to spend"

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    Re: Our rookie punter

    "enlvikeman" wrote:
    How was this guy ever let go?
    For some reason Holmgren wanted to go with a veteran punter out in Seattle so they singed this guy to their practice squad which made him fair game!!

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    Re: Our rookie punter

    Holmgren was trying to hide him! Ha Ha Ha
    I hope he keeps kicking like he has!
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    Re: Our rookie punter

    Wow, that is great news!

    Many people tend to overlook the importance of a great punter!

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    Re: Our rookie punter

    man i cant belive he can hit a light up there. he has a really strong leg from wat i saw durring the game

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    Re: Our rookie punter

    What an average he had. Kluwe is big too. I like this guy.

    Vikings may have a punter

    Commentary by TOM POWERS

    Chris Kluwe seems to have attained rock star status in just one week as the Vikings' regular punter.

    He does one television interview after another. Reporters track him down to chronicle his thoughts. It's unbelievable.

    "This is the most anyone's ever paid attention to me," Kluwe said Wednesday.

    A couple of weeks ago, the rookie had his career path all mapped out. Becoming a celebrity with the Minnesota Vikings was not on the agenda.

    "From what I'd heard, it takes kickers and punters three or four years to get to the NFL," he said. "I figured I'd be on Seattle's practice squad for a while, maybe kick in Europe."
    Read on:

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    Re: Our rookie punter

    The Vikes stole one here....I would not have been upset had they actually drafted a punter since IMHO the kicking game has been a neglected Achille's heel! Now if he does not indeed shatter into a million pieces with the first tackle.....................
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    Re: Our rookie punter

    Did you know??? Kluwe class of 00' and Howry class of 99' went to the same high school. Los Alamitos High School. I am also a class of 99' and used to take Keenan home from basketball practice everyday. GO GRIFFINS!!!!!!!!!
    If I hear Michelle Bonner say "He works that one to right" one more time, I m getting on a plane for Bristol, going to the ESPNEWS set, and ripping out her vocal cords.

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    Re: Our rookie punter

    I hope he doesn't have to tackle anyone.

    Not bad for someone who had so many injuries in high school that he makes the current crop of Vikings running backs look like iron men.

    No one really sets out to become punter. Little kids don't lie awake at night dreaming of the great hang time they will have some day. Becoming a punter just sort of happens.

    Growing up in California, Kluwe, now 24, used to envision himself as someday being a professional baseball player. Or he would see himself as a professional soccer player.

    "As a freshman in high school, I tore my shoulder playing baseball," he said. "In high school, I also tore up the hamstring in my right leg playing soccer."

    Then there was the time the football coach at Los Alamitos High figured he would have Kluwe mix it up during practice. Kluwe, the kicker, basically was on the football team to bide his time between baseball and soccer seasons.

    "I was a sophomore, and it was my first and last tackling drill," he recalled. "He said it would be good for me."

    Instead, Kluwe tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee.

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