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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    "vegasvike" wrote:
    Well EJ is a beast, I like Chad a lot for his heroics off the field. this one time at Iowa, there was a house fire and trapped inside was an 80 year old lady and her miracle 10 month old baby. Chad, without thinking of his own safety, ran through one side of the house, grabbed the lady, her baby, her favorite sunday dish rag, and two of the baby's bottles. And just as fast as he ran through the fisrt wall, he was out through the other side of the house, through another wall of course. He did all this while writing a speech he gave to 7th and 8th graders later that day on the dangers of drugs and standing in his was. You can't teach that, you just can't teach that.
    I remember hearing about that story.
    Yea Greenway was heroic, but I kept going back to the 80 year old lady having a baby.
    Quite amazing indeed.
    That kid probably is the uncle/aunt of a 60 year old, great uncle/aunt of a 40 year old and possibly great great uncle/aunt (it is Iowa) of some 20 year old...could even be a playmate and great great great uncle/aunt with some toddler.
    Simply amazing story.

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    It's pretty evident with 92.2% of the vote, EJ is clearly our best LB.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    EJ is clearly are best linebacker but it he does get a lot of help from the williams brothers too

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    E.J. is the man!! Chad is going to be a great LB to once he settles in. when watching him you can see alot of mistakes a young player would make. Leber really dosnt do much for me but the guy is always flying around and he tries real hard and i love him for that

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    I forgot about Refus. Does anyone know how he is doing?

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