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    Our most valuable linebacker

    I'm really happy about how our three starting linebackers played this year. The highlights of the season came in the Giants game towards the end of the season. When Ben Leber chased Eli Manning like 20 yards down the field for a sack and when Chad Greenway got that pick for a TD.
    Our defense was unbelievable in that game. I think that all of our three LBs are great, but who do you prefer the most?

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    E.J. for sure. He has really come into his own the past two seasons, and is consistently making plays.

    Leber is playing solid, and Greenway has a lot of promise, even if he sometimes is out of position. I'm sure he'll keep getting better though.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker


    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    Not trying to slam the originator of the thread here, but rather just gonna state a comment.

    I really don't like to try to pick one player over another when you talk about a group.
    They all have thier strengths and weaknesses that each other should cancel out.

    If I were to pick on one guy, I would have to comment on Leber.
    Although he is pretty damn good in run support, getting to the QB and a damn fine LB, he does have some issues with respect to his coverage skills and how they kindof detract from what the staff is trying to do in the Cover 2 Linebacker.

    However, some zones will send the outside linebackers into the flats. In a man-to-man call, the "Sam" will often cover the tight end with help from a safety over the top, while at other times, the "Sam" and "Will" will be responsible for the first man out of the backfield on their side of the center, with the "Mike" covering if a second man exits on that side of the field.

    In the "Tampa 2" zone defense the middle linebacker is required to drop quickly into a deep middle zone pass coverage thus requiring a quick player at this position.

    If one were to then think a minute, one would then come to the conclusion that maybe Rufus is the guy to eventually (Note I used the word eventually) step up and fill his role, but then one would be wise enough to look at size/composition of the young lad and see that Rufus probably is a bit smallish to do that.

    Because of this, I am a bit mystified with respect to upgrading this position when the time comes.
    All the other LB's on this team are a bit small to play against the run with two exceptions, EJ and Chad.

    My guess is that eventually (notice the word eventually folks) Chad will move from one side and Rufus will step in or they just might stay with a Bigger DE on the Left Side to better protect Rufus when he eventually steps on the field as a starter.

    57 Rufus Alexander LB 24 6-1 228 R Oklahoma
    50 Vinny Ciurciu LB 27 6-0 235 5 Boston College
    59 Heath Farwell LB 26 6-0 235 3 San Diego State
    52 Chad Greenway LB 25 6-2 242 2 Iowa
    56 E.J. Henderson LB 27 6-1 245 5 Maryland
    58 David Herron LB -- -- -- R

    58 David Herron Jr. LB 23 6-1 239 R Michigan State
    51 Ben Leber LB 29 6-3 244 6 Kansas State

    Long story short, it still a team sport.
    All of them compliment each other and comprise a very talented (Young) group of LB's that should shine for years to come.

    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    I have to say EJ, like cogitans said, he really started coming around the past 2 seasons.
    Remember after his first stint at MLB they moved him back to OLB and most of us were ready to can him?
    He sure got better and IMO is the anchor of our Linebacking corps.
    It would be nicer if he were a little faster and could cover better, but even still, he's the best out of the bunch.
    I hope Greenway can continue to get better though, He has the speed to hang with some of the faster TE's and to get out to the flat.

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    Well, EJ is our best linebacker, so I'm going to say he's our most valuable one too...

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    I would like to see our LBs flow to the sidelines be

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    EJ, over the past couple of seasons, hes become one of the best MLB in the NFL
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    I'd have to say EJ
    even though I am big fan of Greenway's
    EJ seems like he's the Capt. on the D and he's a tackling machine.

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    Re: Our most valuable linebacker

    EJ is MVL at the moment.
    He has really made strides in understanding his responsibilities and managing his gaps over the past two years. I think Greenway has the potential to make a pro bowl barring injury.

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