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    Quote Originally Posted by NodakPaul View Post

    The estimated total value for the 29 pick is $7.2m, with a $1.3m cap hit this year.

    The estimated total value for the 52, 83, 102, and 229 combined is $11.6m with a $2.2m cap hit this year.

    Trading up was the BEST thing Spielman could have done for the cap. Hell, I hope he figures out a way to do it again!
    I can't help but be happy with his effort last year and this year. Of course having 2 great players fall into your lap really makes it easy but the move for Smitty last year and Patterson this year makes me think he is coming into his own.

    Neither one would have happened if he wouldn't have at least initiated some moves.

    My guess, they made a call to NE probably around the time the Colts were gonna be on the clock and the Pats said no (initially). Makes me wonder who came off the board the the Pats were waiting to get that now wasn't on the board?

    I had their Team needs as WR, DT, CB, WR, RT, DE, FS, OG, OLB going into FA, then they signed WR Danny Amendola, SS Adrian Wilson, resigned CB Kyle Arrington, CB Aqib Talib and OT Sebastian Vollmer.

    Datone Jones to the PUCKERS perhaps?
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    That HUGE run on OL this year did us 2 huge favors.

    1) it pushed some great talent at other positions right into our laps which gave us the ability to get 2 great players without moving up and another one by trading, up.

    2) it is going to decrease the ultimate value for Kalil when he comes up for his next contract because there will be a whole class of equal talent and value players right behind him so the demand will be reduced from where I projected it would be last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    His forte is actually "Press/Zone" coverage. When you read the scouting reports about him being overly aggressive in "Tight" coverage, they are talking about when he is supposed to be pressing the guy to the inside or outside of the zone.

    Not actually providing "man" coverage.

    Truth of the matter is, he is the top rated C2 CB in the draft on most boards or second to Millner who some have as the best C2 CB.
    Zone? What are you talking about? That is not his forte.

    Performance takes a step back in zone coverage, struggles to pass off and close on receivers entering or leaving his area.
    Just don't ask him to play in zone, because Rhodes shows tight movements when forced to pass receivers to a separate area. His game is somewhat scheme-dependent.
    Xavier Rhodes Draft Profile

    Proof that our scheme is evolving to a more press coverage that I wanted for years.
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