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    Our Defense sucks

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    Our Defense sucks

    I'm surprised that no one has pointed out the real problem. It's not our entire defense that sucks. Just our linebacking corps. Most of the suckiness seems to stem from Henderson and the rest of our young linebackers not having a clue how to tackle. Our d-line is really good, and the secondary has great leaders in Winfield and Chavous. However, as good as our secondary is, it is a REALLY bad sign that a cornerback leads the team in tackles. Our linebackers tend to overpursue, hit the wrong gaps, and fail to follow through on tackles. As a result, running backs get past our LB's more often, which leads to more yardage (and more tackles by defensive backs. Last year our defense was a lot better at stopping the run because we still had Biekert at mid LB. He wasn't particularly talented, but he had a greater awareness of what was happening on the field due to his experience. In other words, he knew how to tackle, and could actually STOP the run, as opposed to just falling down to the ground like a Saddam Hussein statue towed by a tank. This forced opposing offenses to force the pass more often. Combined with the talent of DB's like Corey Chavous, it led to more interceptions, and more stops.
    E.J. Henderson won't help the Packers, though. I predict 3 sacks for Kevin Williams.
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    Our Defense sucks

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    :cheers: lmao

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