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    Re: Our Beloved Vikings True Identity Lost?

    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1089768
    Quote Originally Posted by "i_bleed_purple" #1089765
    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1089763
    Quote Originally Posted by "i_bleed_purple" #1089738
    I wouldn't worry. We're just in a rut. No team in the history of the league has been good every season. We're rebuilding, there's no reason to think we won't have a decent line again in the future. Starts with finding Hutch's replacement and getting a real Center
    Do you think we should replace Hutch this year?

    Please define "Real Center".
    I don't think we should replace him this year, but we need to find a guy to learn the spot and take over. I'm sick of sticking rookies or 2nd year guys who suck in to replace all-pro players, expecting them to succeed then scratching our heads and wondering why they failed.
    I was hoping you would say that. I agree with the backup idea, but don't you think that is what we have Degeare for? Or are you off of him cause he didn't play at the NFL level this year as a rookie?

    Real center is a guy who can handle a DT one on one. Sullivan can not do that.

    A center should be smart, quick and strong. Should be able to make the line calls, then actually block his man. sullivan looks to have the mental aspect down alright, but he just gets overwhelmed by bigger T's
    OK, I'm tracking, but that doesn't mean he isn't a "real" center. I just means he is a Center that is best suited for a ZB'ng scheme. In that scheme he should very seldom be matched up one on one with a big NT.

    By scheme design, the G that is off the 3 Technique DT should be helping him with the 0 technique NT. Again, in 2009, with both Herrera and Hutch healthy, he looked good against teams like the Steelers. This year, with backups next to him, suffering from injuries, he looked like crap.

    Doesn't matter. I just got hung up on the word "Real". He has to go if they are shifting away from the ZB'ng scheme. As you said, he can't match up alone.
    So you are saying the weakness to the ZB scheme is that it is designed to dedicate 2 blockers to one DT which leaves a mismatch at the remaining positions where the defense now has a 10-9 personnel advantage? Now I see why it worked so well.

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    Re: Our Beloved Vikings True Identity Lost?

    Quote Originally Posted by "i_bleed_purple" #1089868
    Quote Originally Posted by "rednorsk" #1089864
    They had a real center, and then they let Matt Birk get away.
    Well, he did snap the ball low to TJ once, and he did miss that one block when he was pulling, so it's obvious his time has come, and since our last good center was easily replaced by Birk, Logic dictates the exact same thing would happen again.

    Did I cover all the bases Marty?

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    Re: Our Beloved Vikings True Identity Lost?

    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1089701
    Quote Originally Posted by "delviking" #1089695
    I always felt the true Identity of our beloved Vikings has always been our lines. The D-line has always been feared to a degree with the likes of Doleman, Allen, Randle, Williams Wall, Eller, Lawson, Marshall, Page etc. Also our O-line with the likes of Stringer RIP, Birk, Yary, Lowedermilk, Dixon, Mcdaniel, etc.
    It seems that with Todays Vikings we don't have that same feel of our opponents fearing our Lines. Our D-line has still been good to great but not super feared as in the old days, And our O-line has been a bit of a wash even slightly before Birk left. Im not totally blaming the coaching staff of the past few years but it does seem that Childress did a great deal to destroy our Identity, by not getting either Line to Dominate year in and year out, Like the old days people feared Doleman, they feared Randle when Randle was the only guy to stop. Our Quarterbacks used to be able to have time to look down field. One of the reasons i think weve had so many older Veterans come here and still compete at a high level was because they knew our O-line could protect them. Now i fear for whoever is under center.
    Its not all the players fault Ryan cook showed hes a decent Guard/Center and should never been out at tackle, Hutch is still a good to great guard just getting up there in years. For the O-line i really think the scheme was terrible call since even the player brought in were to big to be really effective at it other than maybe Sullivan.

    My hope is Fraziers realizes that our D and O lines have been a major factor of this teams 5th best winning percentage over it history.

    Just been thinking about the large number of Great lineman who have been part of this team.
    Wasn't that long ago that our DL was the best at stopping the run. Problem is, they let Phat Pat get old and didn't get anyone in to replace him.

    But hey, we needed CB's right.:laugh:
    We were 9th against the rush in 2010 and 2nd in 2009. A decline which IMO was due to a mutiple players not playing well not the age of fat Pat.

    Chris Cook was an EXCELLENT pick. He will be 100% this year but you keep laughing. I am sure the staff will give your wish someday for a 1st round DT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    We had multiple injuries at CB and still improved our pass defense from 19th to 10th. Looks like ole Mars was on to something. LOL!

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