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    The other side of Critical

    Recently I have been spending less time on PPO than was formerly my habit. Part of it is the loss of the "Old Guard" members - posters whom I enjoyed reading and conversing with. Part of it is the shortage of Trolls - we used to have them all the time. And part of it is simply off season blues.

    The topics I have been active in invariably fall into 3 categories:

    1: Why I don't like Childress.
    2: Why I don't like Jackson.
    3: The occasional aberration (The Ray Edwards topic being one)

    The trouble is, in all three cases I wind up being forced into a negative stance. And, were one to read my postings, it would be hard to imagine me as a die-hard, in-your-face, unapologetic Viking fan who proudly displays my colors while living in the heart of the Packtard Nation.

    So, I thought I'd do something different...feel free to join in. This time, I'm going to talk about what I LIKE about the Vikings. Players, history, organization, all of it.

    I have been a casual fan since the 70's. Growing up in St Paul, hearing TCF commercials on the TV and radio featuring "Benchwarmer Bob", the hype surrounding the Purple People Eaters. It was a great time to be a Viking fan.

    Then we moved to WI.... I protested, but was over ruled. I was a casual follower (No NFL Sunday Ticket back then) until the 90's, when the proliferation of cable television meant I could actually watch games again.

    And while there are a lot of blanks in the above, I'm going to focus today on our team right now.

    On Defense.

    I love the play of the front 7.
    The Williams wall, Edwards and Allen have really brought the fire back. We haven't had an entire front this dominant in 30 years plus. The run crushing ability, the QB attacks, what's not to love? And while I worry about Pat getting older - because he brought, IMO, a lot of the attitude with him to this line - I've been encouraged by the play of the guys who come in to spell all of them. I like our depth there.

    At linebacker, I'm thrilled with Greenway's progression. EJ worries me - because a femur break is tough to return from - but his maturation has been phenomenal. There were times where it looked like he wasn't going to make it, but he really turned the corner. Leber has been the glue for this unit. His acquisition really bolstered our coverage ability. I was impressed with Brinkley in his forced debut - he was no EJ, but he looks like he could quickly become one.

    The secondary worries me most. Winfield is a personal favorite, but I'll be the first to admit that he's not the strongest guy in coverage. Griffin looks like he could really be something special, and I hope he doesn't push his recovery and re-injure himself. Johnson and Williams have been adequate - but I'm waiting for Johnson to really establish himself. I worry a lot about our depth here, but I'm encouraged by the acquisition of Sheppard, and I hope that Cook becomes what they hope he will be.

    The OFFENSE:

    First, the O Line. Hutch is fantastic...'nuff said. I thought Sully did pretty well replacing Birk, and think he'll continue to improve. Loadholt showed flashes of being awesome...I hope he continues to strive to get better. McKinney...if he ever decides he really wants to be a Left Tackle, I pity the DE's that face him. Until then.... The other linemen aren't getting rave reviews, so I'll move along.

    Peterson - aside from fumblitis, he's the best in the NFL. Not the most "complete" - yet - but still the best.

    I'm seriously going to miss Chester.

    At WR, I really like Rice's improvement. He's not the fastest guy, but he goes after the ball. Sorry, I still think that Favre was/is a large part of that progression, but I look forward to Sydney making great strides now that he knows he can.

    Percy was awesome to watch last season. The times when people would hit him head on, fall down, and he'd bounce back a bit then keep going were bonafied OMG!!!! moments. I look forward to his continued development.

    Berrian...not sure about him. Hasn't really lived up to his billing, but he's had some amazing plays.

    Shiancoe - I'll admit, I thought we over paid for him, and I thought he was bad the first year. But he's really come on in the last couple seasons, and I consider him one of the essential players in our scheme.

    Kleinsasser - even with a reduced role, I still cheer a little louder for Jimmy each time he's out there. I'll never forget him coming off the sidelines and decleating that Packer at the end of the game in 2002. The game that started the Favre-Hovan rivalry...

    At QB, I loved Favre's play last saeson. He's finally on a team that doesn't suck - that's got to feel good. I look forward to seeing what happens with Perilloiux as well.

    Special teams....well...they certainly are special. I like Longwell's FG accuracy, but it would be nice to actually kick off deeper than the 7 a little more often. I like Kluwe's punting.

    AS for Chiller - I like his team building ability. If he could just resolve one or two MINOR issues, I'd be a bonafied supporter (Yes, I said that).

    There's much more, but I'll save that for another time. Feel free to add your own likes to the list.


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    Re: The other side of Critical

    Yeah, all that stuff is awesome. Yawn. You know what I really like? Childress and Jackson. J/k.

    In all seriousness though:

    There's no need to defend, justify, or compensate for any negative stances man, if there wasn't anything to disagree on this place would be one big circle jerk.

    Keep doing what you do.

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    Re:The other side of Critical

    Caine wrote:
    ...AS for Chiller - I like his team building ability. If he could just resolve one or two MINOR issues, I'd be a bonafied supporter (Yes, I said that)...
    You have always loved him and are finally coming out.

    I agree with Mr. A. Keep doing what you do. Regardless of what the "quit picking on me" crowd says there has to be a guard of rational thought on this site or it will become a moronic site like the majority of the other NFL boards. You bring a logical sequence to your thoughts and they are entertaining to read, even if I don't agree with some of them. At least I can see why you think the way you do and you are willing to back up and defend what you wrote and willing to change your mind if someone brings a convincing argument to the table. Some do, many don't.

    It is obvious to most when someone pulls out a sentence or paraphrases something and then turns the discussion around into a hodgepodge of lunacy. That is fun too, but, there are not enough posters around that make people defend their supposed "facts" when they are truly pulled from the sphincter.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re:The other side of Critical

    A thread designed for SUPPORT of the vikings instead of bashing different aspects for them...? thats no fun...

    Anyways great post.

    I will miss chester, but I'm alread starting to resent him for leaving, I don't care if the reason was justified, he went to a rival and is now the vikings rival, thus my rival, i guess. I think gerhart will be an improvement, and I'm really excited for him to get on the field with AP, Shianc, Rice, and Harvin.

    I also really want to see what happens with Perriloux, as it sounds like he has all the football tools to be a franchise QB, like good cletes, gloves, and I guess the physical aspect and mental aspect of the game too.

    Our Safeties are what worry me most, I don't know if its them, the scheme, or both, but somethings gotta give.

    Hutch is gettin up there in years, and he has constant back problems, but he's still the best part of our o-line and I love having him out there.

    Shianc is one of my favorite receivers/tight ends, he just plays so well out there, and he better after those couple of horrendous years with us.

    I completely agree that Favre was a huge part in developing rice and harvin (even though you didn't mention harvin), and they are both great receivers. If rice can get just a little more quickness and speed he can easily become a top receiver in the game, if he isn't there already.

    Berrian had a great first year, I still remember the 99 yd td pass after the goal line stand against the bears. If he can keep his hammy under control this year and spend a little more time with Favre, he can become just as effective as rice, and open up the middle of the field for more harvin and shiancoe.

    Last thing... Special teams. I thought our play improved a lot from last year, but thats not saying much. I could take my whole family out there and that would've been an improvement. That being said, we still need to come up when it counts on STs, most notably the NFCCG when special teams really failed us in overtime.

    I love the vikings and where they're going, if they can just get a QB of the future and maybe a little help at Safety, then I'll be extremely happy.
    I am NOT here to provide good football insight or rational observations. I am an emotional 19 year old Viking fan and I expect you to adjust your expectations from my posts.

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    Re:The other side of Critical


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    Re:The other side of Critical

    ultravikingfan wrote:
    LOL, who said the Hammer doesn't have a sense of humor? :laugh:
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: The other side of Critical

    Mr Anderson wrote:
    Yeah, all that stuff is awesome. Yawn. You know what I really like? Childress and Jackson. J/k.

    In all seriousness though:

    There's no need to defend, justify, or compensate for any negative stances man, if there wasn't anything to disagree on this place would be one big circle jerk.

    Keep doing what you do.
    What he (and Prophet) said.

    How boring would this place be if we all had the same view point on a topic brought up for discussion?

    Truth of the matter is, I don't equate your name or any of your posts with the word "negativity" and absolutely look forward to reading what you and several others bring to the table each and every day.

    On to your thread. I think this is a great idea and here are a few "Positive" things from me to keep the thread alive.....

    a. Our Ownership group. Other than the "Triadthingamajib" instead of a true GM/HC structure, I absolutely love what they have done with respect to bringing this team back to the level of respectability is used to have.

    b. Coaching Staff. With a few minor exceptions, I love that we have been able to maintain basically the same coaching structure since the new regime took over and I love how they seem to have the youngsters ready to go when called upon.

    Is there room for improvement, sure, but that is for another thread. Suffice it to say, in most cases your draft class has, because of injury or lack of depth, took on more responsibility than I would like them to take on early in thier careers and in most cases, have done a good job of doing it.

    c. Players. As most of you know I am a big advocate of "Putting the team first" and playing the game "Old School" when you do. Looking up and down this roster, to a man, almost everyone of our players not only bring it each and every week, but they bring it with a tenacity that make a few "Old Schoolers" sit forward in thier chair, puff out thier chest a bit and are proud to be a fan of this team once again.

    Again, a excellent idea for a thread my friend.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:The other side of Critical

    Like Caine, I haven't been spending as much time on site as usual. Mostly because of the negativity, but also because of the off season blues. I liked what I had read about Perriloux, but I'm frustrated because there hasn't been any further news about him. I don't want to think Chilldress would have any bias for "his boy", but when there is any serious competition they seem to disappear faster than a magician's rabbit. :huh:

    I respect the opinions of all the posters on pp.o, and I surely don't consider myself superior to anyone (maybe a little saner than TW but not necessarily superior).

    I am looking forward to the coming year, and hopefully, we can make it over the hump of the NFCCG.

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    Re:The other side of Critical

    Great thread Caine. It's nice to talk about the positives once in a while. But like others have said, no need to apologize for things here. We all do it and the site wouldn't be the same without it. I admit I get hasty sometimes but that's part of the competitive nature. That's my rationalism and I'm sticking to it!

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    Re:The other side of Critical

    great thread and post caine.
    sure beats all that negative monkey caca you've been throwing around lately. :laugh:

    yours and the following posts were very refreshing to read. thanks. keep posting.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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