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Thread: Optimism thread

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    Re: Optimism thread

    "VikingsTw" wrote:
    I would be alot more optomistic if it were true that the Offensive Line is gelling.

    Agree, i thought the o-line kinda stank against the 32nd ranked defense.
    Makes me really nervouse to play the bears..................but maybe thats because I HATE THE FUCKING BEARS!
    I put a sig on here before, but it expired?
    Now i have tried again but seem to be retarded.......oh well,

    Floop the bears!

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    Re: Optimism thread

    The Cowboys just traded their 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 7th round 2009 draft picks to the Lions for Roy Williams the WR. This might weaken the Cowboys over time, and hopefully minimally help the Lions.

    The Vikings have already equaled their winning percentage from last year (.500), and now, with the hardest part of the schedule over, have an opportunity to improve from here.

    Standout Vikings players at: LG, C, RB, RB, DT, DT, DE, MLB (IR), WLB, SLB, LCB, K, P, lots of other solid players, and lots of young talent developing.

    The Vikings are 7th in the NFL in total defense (yards per game). and 11th in points allowed by the defense per game.

    Frerrotte is 3-1 this year.

    Madieu Williams and Sidney Rice will contribute as they come off injury.

    Go Vikings!

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