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Thread: Onterrio Smith

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    Onterrio Smith

    is he back next year?

    he is our most talented back and if hes off the weed, he definitely can be a top 10 nfl back. hes got great speed, hands, power and vision. I really think that we should keep smith, moore, fason and a.eachimundu. If benett wants to come back, he should be singed also. Its really the o line, or the lack thereof for our ability not to run. Once we get Birk, Fonoti, and all our young lineman healthy and more experienced, no doubt do i think that onterrio could rip up for 1500 yards and 12 tds.

    WE do have the best runningback by comitte in the nfl when smith comes back.

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    Re: Onterrio Smith

    Onterrio Smith is a free agent at the end of this year and considering the fact I havent heard a single thing about him this whole year it seems as though the team has cut ties with him and I really dont see him back with the Vikings next year. He had his chance...numerous times and has abused them all. He has a ton of talent but his priorities are too messed up and it might be too late for him to come out of that stoner haze to realize it :cry:

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    Re: Onterrio Smith

    He would have to work himself back into shape.

    Onterrio Smith enjoying his season off.[/align]

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    Re: Onterrio Smith

    I think Smith could be a very good back, but he had better show someone he wants to be here and he can be trusted. Bennett definitely will not be back, he will be too expensive to keep on the roster as a No. 3 if Smith comes back and we have no need for him either way. Even if Smith is gone, Bennett can go and we stick with Moore and Fason or pick someone else up.

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    Re: Onterrio Smith

    He wont be back with us
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    Re: Onterrio Smith

    Onterrio does have a lot of talent to display. Although, i honestly don't see him wearing purple and gold next year. The Vikes are trying to weed out the problems, and bring in solid, all-around good ballplayers. Basically, he's had his chances and has burned his he has to go elsewhere. I think we'll stick it out with moore and fason, and pick up a solid vet back from somewhere. We'll see though. Definitely can't afford to hold on to Bennett, even though he has potential. I will wish them luck however, whatever shall happen to them.
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    Re: Onterrio Smith

    I don't think that Wilf will trust that he can stay clean...a shame because he DOES have true talent...much like another, not Robert, but Emmitt...same build, same hard running style...he could be a beast if he could get his head together. Pity that it most likely won't be here!

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    Re: Onterrio Smith



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    Re: Onterrio Smith

    He was projected as a 2nd rounder, but his attitude dropped him to the 4th. Dude has mad talent, he shouldn't of done that. He could be making millions.

    I hate wasting anything, but apparently, Onterrio doesn't. Sucks how much talent he is wasting.

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    Re: Onterrio Smith

    This team is heading into a classy orginization, no more pot heads. Dont get me wrong, IDC if he wants to smoke weed till he passes out and wakes up naked in a ditch in a shopping cart...but not while hes on this team....and He picked mary over us a couple no...he can uck off.

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