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    onterio smith gets repreive

    "little redhead" wrote:
    I guess I didn't look at it that far out to see what games it would effect if he got one more game in before the suspension. It would be good to have him for Indy but maybe Michael will be in his ryhthm by then and chewing up defenders who knows. I guess we really don't get to decide though so I guess we will just have to deal with it which ever way we can. I guess I was thinking it would be nice to have him this first game Michael is back since he has been out so long maybe it will take him a while to get back into the swing of things and Onterrio will be needed. I know it is only Houston but you can't write anyone off how would you feel if we lost to them and it was because our running game sucked I know usually one component doesn't usually equal a whole loss but anyway just using it to make a positive point for Smith being in this game.

    In a way, we could control the suspension. If onterrio dropped his appeal, I believe he would get suspended right away, so it isn't totally out of our hands. I am sure onterrio knows he is gonna lose the appeal anways, so if tice wanted him out of the houston game and back for the indy game, he could let onterrio know and tell him to drop the appeal.

    I too would rather have him for the indy game, then for the houston game. Bennett is 100% now, and moe is also healthy again.

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    onterio smith gets repreive

    Yes muchLuv,

    what does he think he will do,
    say I didn't do it,
    that wasn't my piss.

    What is there to appeal?

    Seriously though is there anything to appeal?

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    onterio smith gets repreive

    i dont think if it matters its smith, bennett or williams plays against the colts
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