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Thread: One Year Later

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    Re: One Year Later

    Im still too sore over losing him to comment. Please come back randy!!!

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    Re: One Year Later

    yeah, i personally think that Randy Moss is one of the best WR's in the NFL and wish that we wouldn't have gotten rid of him. I really think that he attributed more to the team than he hurt them with his selfishness. I also think that he had matured with in the last couple of years. However, depending on how Troy Williamson and Nap Harris produce for us it is still undecided and too early to tell who got the better end of the deal. Personally I don't see either of them being any better than AVG, although I hope that I'm wrong but if this is the case then I believe that the Raiders got the better end of the deal.
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    Re: One Year Later

    Will always be "The Freak", and until Harris and Williamson produce like he did, the Raiders have got the better end of the deal.IMO, I think Troy will have a breakout year this coming season, but it's just MO.
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    Re: One Year Later

    WOW! I sure hate even remembering this happened, AGAIN! I'm with ya SIA, Moss was the BOSS! I appreciated Birk's comments on his interview, he doesn't sound like the backstabber some people made him out to be, but what ever happened and occurred in that locker room will be forever speculated on by us fans.

    As to the answer to the article's question, "One Year Later?"

    The Raiders won that one just based on Moss's production in 2005 alone!

    For a player that the article claims missed "considerable time" due to injury, Moss still posted somewhat respectable numbers:
    60- Recs, 1005- yards, 16.8- Average, 8- TDs!

    This despite being "UNDER USED" by the Raiders! Had the Raiders, or should I say, Kerry Collins, attempted to utilize Moss' God Given Abilities more often, one can only imagine what his final stats would have been!

    If the article is being fair, "ONE YEAR LATER", the Vikings were the Losers in this trade, PERIOD!

    As far as getting into the HOF? His career statistics and what he has brought to the game of football should warrant a first round ballot, but when that time comes, those persons who actually do the selecting, can continue to be as "SUBJECTIVE" as they have proven to be and not select Moss into the HOF, much like Jim Marshall and Mick Tinglehoff keep getting passed over! When the vote for the HOF is left in the hands of scrupulous sports journalists and not in the hands of current HOF members themselves, being selected has less and less value IMHO!

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    Re: One Year Later

    I think the Raiders got the better deal. Although they didn't use Moss to his full potential, but they still have him to correct that mistake.
    We don't have anyone right now that can even come close to Moss' numbers! That is where Red wanted to leave the team, and he succeeded!
    Childress has his work cut out in rebuilding a team from what players we now have, and what we can get in the draft.
    The trade was bad, but we will crawl out of this hole Red left us in. We are on our way up again, and dang it we will reach the top! "Our day WILL come!"
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    Re: One Year Later

    Moss will go into the HOF baring any career ending injuries.

    Not because of his numbers, but because of his image and the way he changed the game. There are WR's with astronomical numbers that are not in the HOF. You need to stand out and he has.

    I could give a shit who got the better end of the trade. I'm glad he is gone.I simply have never liked the guy on my team.

    He went to the worst possible team too. He thought he had it bad in Minny with Red, now he plays for one of the worst owners in sports. He won't win anything there.

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    Re: One Year Later

    we'll the Vikes will be a winner next season, who can say that about the Raiders?
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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