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    One on one with fullback Tony Richardson

    Posted on Tue, Oct. 10, 2006

    [size=13pt]Vikings fullback Tony Richardson had two receptions for 18 yards in...[/size]

    Vikings fullback Tony Richardson had two receptions for 18 yards in Sunday's victory over Detroit, giving him five receptions in five games. He should have more.

    The Vikings' offense has struggled this season. Throwing the ball to Richardson more often might help with that. Over his 12-plus NFL seasons, he has shown he can catch the ball. He just hasn't had many opportunities, other than the 2000 season with Kansas City, when he had 58 receptions. Like tight end Jermaine Wiggins, Richardson is reliable as a receiver. He just needs more passes thrown his way.

    BS Ever consider going to the coaches and reminding them you can catch the ball?

    TR No, that's not my style. If they dial it up and call my number, I'll go out and execute the play. At this point in my career, it's not about money. It's not about records. It's more about having an opportunity to win a championship. That's why I'm still playing the game.

    BS This is your 13th season in the NFL. Ever wish you had a more featured role as a runner or receiver during your career?

    TR It's one of those things where you take advantage of the opportunities you get.

    BS Did you ever hope to be a featured back?

    TR At Auburn, I was a fullback. We had Stephen Davis and James Bostic. I carried the ball a little bit, but I just wanted the opportunity to play in the league, period.

    BS You had 58 receptions in 2000 for Kansas City, then dropped off to 30 catches in 2001 and have had no more than 19 since then. What happened?

    TR There are a few guys there (in Kansas City) who can catch. The fullback, historically, doesn't catch the ball. If they throw it to you and you catch it, maybe they'll throw it to you again.

    BS When is the last time you dropped a pass?

    TR I don't know. I don't keep up with drops.

    BS Has not being a featured back allowed you to play in the NFL more than a dozen years?

    TR When you carry the ball, you've got 11 guys hitting you. But as a fullback, sometimes our collisions could be a little more brutal. The key to it is taking care of your body and working hard. There's no substitute to that.

    BS What appealed to you about playing for the Vikings?

    TR It was coach (Brad) Childress. I really liked when I sat down and talked to him about the direction he was going to take the team. I liked the ownership. It seemed like a fresh start. I'm having a great time and a productive year. Chester is playing well. That was kind of appealing to me, having a chance to work with Chester. It's kind of like when Priest Holmes came to Kansas City and being a part of his success. Being a small part of Chester's success was appealing.

    BS How many more years do you plan to play?

    TR I'd like to play two after this one. I won't go anywhere else. I'd love to play two more years in a Vikings uniform and get to 15 seasons in the league. It's funny when you talk to a lot of young guys now. They don't want to play 15 years. They don't even want to play 10.

    BS You came into the league as a rookie free agent. Was your goal just to get in one season and go from there?

    TR I didn't have an expectation. When I look back on it, it's like, "Man, I've been doing this for 13 years." I just wanted to play. The time flies. You don't even realize you've been part of 13 teams. It's been an incredible ride.

    BS What happens after the ride? Do you want to be a coach?

    TR No, I don't want to coach. When I left Kansas City, they offered me a front-office position. I've been talking to (Vikings vice president of operations) Kevin Warren here. I would definitely like to learn under a guy like Kevin Warren or (Chiefs president) Carl Peterson. We'll see.

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    Re: One on one with fullback Tony Richardson

    The Vikes need to get more passes to both Richardson and Wiggins.

    We were better against the Lions on 3 and outs, but this team has enough talent on offense to be producing more sustained drives and more TD's!
    I think a key to that is getting Wiggins and Richardson involved in the game and throwing into the endzone once in awhile!
    I know Childress is worried about redzone turnovers, but if Brad doesn't have a good chance of completing the pass then through the ball away.

    If teams don't have to worry about at least an attempt to throw into the endzone more than 1 time a game (Taylor's TD was the only pass to the endzone last week) they can fill the middle and shut down the run and you get stopped on 3 straight run plays which happened in the Lions game.
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