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    Re: One Name: Troy Williamson

    "jessejames09" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    "jessejames09" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    "jessejames09" wrote:
    Butterfingers lets a jump ball slip out..

    drops- 2
    touchdowns- 1
    Obviously you are blind as a FUCKING bat or didn't watch the game. Where is your post about Rice dropping the pass on an almost identical play?

    How many did Rice drop today?

    How many did Wade drop today?

    How many did Ferguson drop today?

    Now how many TD's did they score.

    You come in here & run your mouth on how butterfingers as you call him dropped a pass & couldn't snag another one that Stevie Wonder would have deemed as overthrown, yet you don't complain about Rice or Wade.

    How is that?

    T-Will had the best day of any Vikings receiver today & should get credit for it. Not bashed for it.


    T. Williamson


    B. Wade



    0 14
    R. Ferguson



    0 9
    S. Rice


    0 13
    A. Peterson



    0 9
    Troy has already had a dropped prone career. OBVIOUSLY YOU FUCKING DON'T UNDERSTAND HE HAS HAD A LACK LUSTER CAREER. (my cap locks works to)

    He earned the name butterfingers. I just like to post how great i think he is considering most think he will be a probowler someday.

    Troy stinks, he can't catch the ball with his hands, he had 2 drops as did rice.

    If rice makes a habit of drops i'll rip on him too. Don't shit your jammies over it.

    He gets credit for A td and some drops. I look at both sides of things.
    You'll never see me claim T-Will is
    pro bowler or even a great player, but I will stick up for any player who I think is wrongly crucified during a game when others are making the same type of mistakes without mention.

    You'll get no argument out of me that his career to date has been lackluster, but he worked hard this offseason to better himself & I give him credit for that.

    People just can't wait to start a bashing thread here everytime he drops a ball & it gets rather old, especially when I see others dropping easy passes as well. Not just rooks, but veterans also.

    I also don't consider a ball that is overthrown or uncatchable as a dropped pass like many do here, especially when it happens to someone they hate. If it happens to another receiver, they say it was a poorly thrown ball. If it happens to T-Will, they say it's a dropped pass.

    The long one was not a dropped ball today, but he did have two other incompletions today. One he dropped, the other I don't recall the circumstances, but it was on a short pass.

    If a fan is going to be judgemental of a player, he should be judgemental the same way for other players as well.

    I don't care if he was drafted in the first round or the third, I expect all of them to catch the easy ones in the NFL. But it happens to every WR out there, even Moss, Carter, Jerry Rice & everyone under them. It happens. No one is perfect & I can't expect them to be.
    So what was wrong with butterfingers?

    You said it yourself he's earned it.

    I was just proving a statement for those who thought a 70 yard touchdown was going to make this kid a great WR. He needs consistency before anything else.
    If we knew that, fixing the problem would be made easier. I think it's a combination of things. The eyesight, obviously, the way he catches & whatever mental thoughts go thru his head & the pressure.

    He came in here, regardless of what anyone thinks IMO, to fill the shoes of Moss. That's was a lot of pressure on the young kid coming out of college. Couple that with high expectations, a history of dropping the ball & fans/media that constantly berade him & that must weigh awful heavily on the mind & that will screw with a young kids head. IMO he was brought in here more for his speed than his catching ability also.

    IMO, he needs to relax more & enjoy the game, work on catching with his hands, adjustment to the ball & I think he will be OK. Maybe not great, but a deep threat & across the middle threat anytime he gets thrown the ball. If you watch him, the majority of the dropped passes he's had were high, long balls over his shoulder where he had to look up & adjust for the ball & not the quick shots to him on short/medium routes.

    He's had a ton of passes caught during the offseason. All he needs to do is carry that over onto the field.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: One Name: Troy Williamson

    "huxx" wrote:
    If Fitzgerald is so unhappy (even with his production this year), let's make a trade.
    One of our WRs (not Wade or Rice), maybe Memo, a pick,
    and/or, dare I say, Bollinger (looks like Warner's out).

    We need somebody who's gonna make plays.
    Tjack's completion percentage was a joke b/c of Troy and the gang.
    Wait, did you really suggest that we trade Bollinger?
    What do you think we could get for him?
    I don't believe the line of teams wanting to acquire Brooks Bollinger is very long.
    But, thanks for the laugh.

    What is up with all the TWill bashing.
    Wow, I know he has been a disappointment most games.
    Yesterday, he was not a disappointment.
    He beat his man clean.
    TJack delivered a perfect pass and TWill caught it for a TD.
    He also beat his man on another one, and the ball was just slightly overthrown.

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