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    One More Reason To Pull For The Colts.

    I was finally able to watch this weeks episode of Inside The NFL, and they showed the defensive coordinator telling his defense to go after Farve. After reading this and seeing the cheap shots on Favre, I can't help but wonder if this same mentality was going on in the aints camp before the NFCC.

    Injuries are part of this sport, but when an opponent intentionally tries to take a player out by injury, well......I hope the Colts absolutely destroy the aints, and I now wish for brees and bobby mccray to be removed from the game with career ending injuries.


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    Re:One More Reason To Pull For The Colts.

    Fuck the Saints. I hope they get their asses kicked and feel the pain of losing a Super Bowl.

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    Re:One More Reason To Pull For The Colts.

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