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    Once upon a time....

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    Once upon a time....

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    Once upon a time....

    Just a hypothetical situation:
    Anderson boots a field goal on the opening drive.
    The game goes on...
    Late in the fourth the viqueens are down, 17-23. What else is new? 1:38 remains on the clock. First and 10 from the Bearz 24 yard line. Culpeeper, Mo$$ and Bennett (Ya from Wisconsin!) put together an amazingly lucky final drive, scoring the tying TD as time expires. Anderson jogs onto the field and chips in the game winning extra point. What a finish, Moss's diving catch in the end zone makes him the MVP of the day. Wow how cool he decided to play today! Now stop and think. It was an unlikely finish, but if Anderson missed that 43 yarder on the game's opening drive, the Vikes would have been down by nine, needing two scores to win. These are the kicks that Anderson made time, after time, after time, after time, that went unnoticed. These are the kicks that quietly win games. There are no stats for these kicks as with last second field goals. Even though those kicks are just as important, and Anderson made them look easy. Hmmm, replacing Anderson may not be that easy eh? Automatic for a long time. As a Packers fan, we will surely miss hin
    "Good Luck" :| this season girlz!

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