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    Re: Old team a new test for Taylor

    I'm not worried about our run game at all.
    Like everybody else has said, the O-line needs some time to gel.
    Plus Childress said that he doesn't want to show all his cards in the pre-season.
    My bet is that when the regular season starts, we'll see some better passing when the D is stuffing the box.
    (Like hitting Williamson deep!?!)

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    Re: Old team a new test for Taylor

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    Brad Johnson was right, they were stacking the box.
    Unfortunately, we aren't giving them any reason not too.
    Our recievers aren't getting open deep, and we are calling almost all short to mid range pass plays.

    Hopefully this will change once the regular season hits, and we can stretch the field a little more.
    I know the WCO doesn't focus on the deep play, but we need to at least keep the defenses honest.
    Exactly right. But its also the preseason, and there's really no need to do anything except short, consistent plays. I think we'll see a lot more variety come Sept. 11. I don't think Childress has any concern for flashy plays right now. He strikes me as the kind of guy who is just trying to figure out the who to keep, who to cut, and who gets what spot based on who can play the nuts and bolts WCO.
    Anyways, I think Troy will do just fine keeping D's honest.

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