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    Old hat

    Does anyone have something they hold on to from a team? I mean something you have had for years and either are superstitious or just like it so much you can't let it go?

    Here's the story of a brave little hat............................................... ..
    I was in my junior year of high school and my girlfriend's dad (Raiders fan) bought me a viking hat. I folded the bill and wrapped it with rubber bands and let it sit for the night.

    The next day I unfolded it and it was the best damn looking hat I had ever seen. Very basic it was black with a gray viking on the front that was it. Now anyone who likes ball caps knows you can't just run out to Wal-Mart and pick up a really nice one and when you have a nice one you have to hold on to it. that's what I did.

    I roofed in that hat I played football in that hat. And eventually it got the infamous white ring of stench around the base. But still I wore it with pride. My second year of college and this hat was bad looking. I met my wife. We hooked up and I didn't wear the hat around her. Once she left it would go right back on.

    I fished in that hat i hunted in that hat and once it even got washed down the Green River luckily I found it on a branch of an overhanging tree, and promply returned the soggy beast back to my head. Well O got a job installing custom cabinets. And of course I wore the hat. It got sweaty and all saw dusty and It was becoming clear that the hat would soon die. My wife had been begging me to get rid of it. But we were married now and had a kid so I had no one to impress and the hat was still worn.

    She would hide it and I would end up finding it. She couldn't bring herself to destroy something I liked so much so she alway hid it away from me. We washed it once and I was worried. You all know there are two outcomes of the hat when you wash it? Death or Rebirth. Luckily for me my hat lived on.

    That fall hunting season she said before I left I hope you miss your deer. Because there is a rule in our camp if you miss the deer you shoot at the hat of the person who missed. He takes his hat and counts out the yardage you missed at and hangs it from a tree and everyon in your camp gets to shoot at it from that distance the same way you did, kneeling laying down, standing whatever.

    So me and my friend of 20 years are hiking through the rocky mountains. Kinda buzzin from the afternoon refreshments. And we stop to figure out where we were and we both feel something looking at us through the tree's. Its a huge ol Mule deer and sure as shit he was only 40 yards away. I drop to one knee and put the cross hairs on his front shoulder and as the adreniline is pumping away I slowly squeeze the trigger and boom. He runs down through the tree's and me and my friend shake hand and go to look for blood.

    Now when you shoot a deer from 40 yards away with a 200 grain boat tail bullet it can blow right through unless you hit big bone or something. But we found no blood and we both knew i missed but decided to go back in the morning. Basically in the morning we found no blood, I found my marker from wee I shot and saw that I had actually blown the limb of a tree clean off diflecting my bullet.

    I had my scope on 9 power that morning and never changed it back. My hat was gonna die.

    We hunt with our dads and uncles and cousins and my dad don't miss. But on this day 11 people missed my hat from 40 yards kneeling. That hat was holy. It has become a myth.

    When I returned home with my wife she saw the hat survived and I could tell she was upset so I took the hat and sadly cut it up. I cut the viking patch off the front and my wife sewed it into a onsie for my son that he wears on game days.

    For a married man who's wife has had his son and we've been married for a while this one act of destroying my beloved hat has paid off many times in very good ways

    That was long I know but this is why we are fans for stuff like this. The way a team can effect your actual life.

    If someone else has something they held onto forever let us know.

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    Old hat

    OK...back in 1990 I was a freshman in college in Long Island, NY. My parents came up to visit me early in the year. The Eagles were 2-4 to start the season and I was miserable. They brought me this stuffed kelly green (old Eagles green) football that said Philadelphia Eagles on it. It wasn't small, it was this BIG football. lol.

    I held onto that ball every game for the next 5 weeks...and the Eagles won every game...including one against the Giants...where they killed them 31-13. The week after that Giants game, my dormmates stole the football and hid it from me...pissed off at the run the Eagles had made and especially because of that game vs. the Gmen.

    Eagles lost the next 2 games until I got it back....then they rattled off 3 straight wins. But those 2 games kept the Eagles from winning the division over the giants who ended up winning the SB that year. ukeright:

    I still have it. It still brings me luck when I hold onto it....for the most part. Too bad I couldn't bring it into the stadium for the past 2 years for the NFCCG. :cry:

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    Old hat

    Actually, I had an Antonio Freeman jersey several years ago, and whenever I wore it watching a game, they would lose.

    So, I stopped wearing it.

    Then, I picked up my nice new Javon Walker jersey, and everytime I've worn it, they've won (except for the Philly game, which they actually did win, except for the 4th and 26).

    Not superstitious, but jeez...don't mess with success!!!
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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    Old hat

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    which they actually did win, except for the 4th and 26).

    For some reason that made me laugh aloud
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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    Old hat

    Interestering stories you guys got. I had my culepper jersey last year and whenever i seemed to wear it they would win excpet maybe san diego and a few other games. Maybe the luck worn out? :cry:
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    Old hat

    Quick, Viking fans. Throw away all of the Vikings gear that you have been holding on for years. This way, the Vikings can make it back to the Super Bowl this year (but win it this time). At the very least, if they don't, maybe the Vikings can make it higher up the NFL merchandise purchased list next year when we all have to buy replacement gear.

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