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    Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    Afternoon posters --

    I'm relocating to the Minneapolis area from Boston. While it would be hard, if not impossible, to ever let go of my Patriots allegiance, I figured that I should give it the old college try and see about developing some affection for the Vikes, as well.

    So...I have some questions for all of you:

    1. First, what's the likelihood that Wilf will fire Tice. I'm hoping the answer is high here. With the addition of "Quickly."

    Am I wrong to dismiss Tice? He seems like a total rube.

    2. Onterrio Smith -- is his talent worth the disruption he adds to the team? I've heard he's not really that good.

    3. Moss -- do you guys actually miss him or don't you care? Frankly, he doesn't seem nearly as irritating as Terrell Owens to me but maybe that's because I had to live through the TO watch during Superbowl week.

    4. So...umm...which is the bigger rivalry? Packers or Bears?

    5. Thoughts on Culpepper? I kinda/sorta like him. But there's something about him that strikes me as a bit of a choker -- not really coming up with the goods in the biggest games. Then again, I'm used to Brady pulling games out of his butt.

    6. Top players to watch this year on the Vikes.

    7. What can you tell me about the Vikes offensive philosophy and defensive schemes and why they make sense with your personnel (and against your division foes).

    Whew. I'm beat.
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    SamDawg84 Guest

    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    1. I hear he wants to give him a raise
    2. I would cut him, We got rid of Moss for being a "distraction"
    3. I love Moss.. But thats me
    4. Most def. the Packers
    5. He needs to play in a few bigger games and get used to playing in thm
    6. Williamson, Napo, Travis Taylor
    7. We got a new offencive coordinator and i havent seen him work.. But we will be a balanced team now.. Our 1 Hb should have a great year (bennett)..
    On D we got a better team so we should be able to do more.. and we run a 4-3 in case u didnt know

    Welcome buddy! keep postin!

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    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    1. depending on the season, but i think he actually plans on giving him a bonus...
    2.H actually has a lot of talent and is prabably the best back we have, but if hes stupid enough to get busted 3 times, he isnt worth it.
    3.Our Offense will miss his big play ability and i will miss him personally, but overall i think our team is better off.
    4.PACKERS!! BIG TIME!! Biggest rivalry in the NFL, hands down!
    5.Second best QB in the NFL <Manning. He has the size, speed, accuracy, and heart. And a total cannon for an arm. Now that he has a d, the choker label will be gone.
    6. Antoine winfeild, NAte BUrleson, Kevin WIlliams, Daunte, Jim Kleinsasser, Darren Sharper, Travis TAylor, whoever the starting RB is..., Sam Cowart. That would be my top ten players to watch
    7.i couldn't tell you... they are bound to change with the new infusion of talent on D, and our O was built around moss, and he's gone, so i really cant help you there...

    I hope this helps

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    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    1. Tice isn't quite as much of a rube as he used to be. I think he's matured a bit and realizes you can't coach real football like you're playing Madden. I think this will be his best coaching year.

    2. Smith's talent isn't really worth the disruption to the team. He's very good, but he's not exactly barry sanders, and with the dept we have a RB, I'm almost glad he's been suspended and won't be back this year.

    3. To me, I'll miss watching Moss play, but I won't miss some of the stuff he did that just gave the Vikes a bad name. The biggest thing I point to when referring to Moss is the squirting of the ref with the water bottle. It seems like eveer since then the refs have hated the Vikes and Moss in particular. I think the Vikes will be better with him gone.

    4. The Pack is definately the biggest rivalry.

    5. To us, Cully is the best QB in the league, or at least the second best next to Manning. That's def. what his stats said last year too. He's our guy, our MVP, he's gonna carry us to win the Super Bowl. As far as being a choker, he hasn't really had much opportunity to choke, and the ENTIRE team choked back in 2000 (which was his 1st playoff year anyway) when they lost to the Giants. So you can't really pull that out as proof, and the Eagles were just too good on Defense for our O to beat this year with Linehan calling the plays. So Daunte has never really choked, in fact he's come up huge in some very big games (the Pack playoff game this year)

    6. Top players- Offense: Culpepper, Michael Bennett RB, Mewelde Moore (maybe), Nate Burleson WR
    Defense: Smoot, Winfield, Kevin Williams, Sam Cowart, Napoleon Harris

    7. Talent wise we're the best team in the division, much better on defense than we were last year, not quite as good on offense w/out Moss but definately still a power. Offensively its been a lot of chucking it around (although sometimes too much and sometimes not enough) over the past few years, but this year will be a good bit more conservative, but still with some big plays. Defensively everyone is so new its yet to be seen. If everything goes as planned and everyone gels the way they should, the D should be top 5 in the league.

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    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    1. Wilf will not fire Tice prior to the season. Now if we under achieve midway or do not go far into the playoffs; Tice will be gone. This is Tice's make or break year.

    2. Smith is now a distraction. Cannot be caught with a fake schlong and not be. Yes, I believe he was good. Too bad the hamster stopped running in his head.

    3. I miss Moss as I think most fans do also. He was not irritating and he came to play dispite things he has said or done. But, I cheer for the team on the field and not our former players.

    4. Packers by far is a bigger rivalry. They suck too! :lol:

    5. Pep is good, really good. Choking...not really. If he would have had a Defense to back him up it would be an entirely different story.

    6. Top players to watch: all of them. But really I think Wiggy, Memo, Smoot, Nap, Nate, and Troy.

    7. Our offensive will go more to the run, IMO. Defensively we can be more aggressive with our blitzes now that we should be able to cover better. I think with our coverage, we will have more sacks because the QB is forced to hold onto the ball or chuck it up for graps; ala Farve.

    8. Welcome to PP.O!

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    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I didn't know you ran the 4-3 but I expected it (as most teams still do and there ain't a helluva lot of true 3-4 noseguards out there.)

    I really don't know much about the 4-3. I assume it means you need to have much faster linebackers who have better range. But what does it usually mean in terms of pass rush, and secondary schemes, etc.?

    I forgot you got Williams this year. He's good.

    You guys are much more positive about Tice than I expected you would be. But do you think he has what it takes to really become a great head coach? Do any of you worry about Marty Schottenheimer syndrome in which, year after year, he's good enough to get you close but not all the way?

    I forgot, too, that you guys had Wiggins. I loved that guy when he was with the Pats. He's still pretty popular in New England. I think he comes back now and again for charity gigs in "Eastie" where he grew up.

    As I recall from the draft, it sounded like the Vikes were rated by most experts to have played their hand extremely well. I assume that most of your selections were made possible by the Moss trade? Did you get anything for him for next year when the draft class is supposed to be higher?
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    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    Oh, another question...

    I've been reading the Star-Tribune. Notice that the stadium issue is a big one. Sounds like the powers that be want a dome. IMHO that really SUCKS.

    This said, has there ever been any discussion of a stadium with retractable roof -- a la Houston and now, Arizona? Those are some very cool stadiums.

    But I'm wondering if you can't consider this sort of solution because of climate.
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    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    5. Brady Bunch Boy gets WAY TOO MUCH credit for the Patsies is all about the defense...if he had been stuck with the crappy defenses that Culpepper has had to endure, he would have NO rings. Give most of the credit where credit is Belichick and his Defense.

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    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    Good to have you ABOARD!

    1) I don't think that Tice is going anywhere. YET! IF he doesn't win at least one playoff game he's gone. So he should be around for awile.

    2) Onterio is pretty talented, but as far as I"m concerned if he can't show any discipline he can LEAVE!!!! So buhbye Onterio.

    3) I really HATE that we traded Randy. He may have done one or two things that were distasteful(MOONING GREEN BAY NOT ONE OF THEM), but he will probably be the best reciever ever when he retires. The good definately outwieghed the bad with Randy. HE's THA FREAK!!!!!

    4) The PACKERS are hated here! There is no bigger win than against the Packers every year. If you want to be a fan you will learn this quickly.

    5) Even without MOSS, PEPP is the man. He will be MVP this year! Mark my words.

    6) Here's the Top 5 to watch:
    DT-Kevin Williams
    (This man is an ANIMAL. By years end will be considered one of the top D-linemen in the league.)
    RB's-Michael Bennett/Mewelde Moore
    (Which ever can stay healthy)
    CB's-Fred Smoot/Antwoine Winfield
    (Will be one of the best CB duo's in the NFL)
    LB-Napolean Harris
    (We traded Moss for him so he better be a standout)
    WR-Nate Burleson
    (He's our #1 and has a great chance to make some huge plays and rack up the STATS!)

    7) We will have to answer this question as the year rolls on. We have lots of new playmakers on D, but it looks really promising. On offense we hope to have all of our playmakers back, but we have a new Ofensive Co-ordinator. So we will have to wait and see. Should be balanced though.

    NICELY THOUGHT OUT QUESTION. Hope to see you around!
    God Bless America, & the MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

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    Re: Ola -- Bandwagon fan here with questions on the Vikes..

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    5. Brady Bunch Boy gets WAY TOO MUCH credit for the Patsies is all about the defense...if he had been stuck with the crappy defenses that Culpepper has had to endure, he would have NO rings. Give most of the credit where credit is Belichick and his Defense.

    First of all, you do know that it's impossible to argue hypothetically, right?

    This said, you could not possibly have:

    1. Watched the Bledsoe-led Patriots (Also coached by Belichick) or

    2. Watched the Patriots-Carolina Super Bowl. If so, I don't know how you could come up with your logic.

    I don't want to get into a troll-like argument here, but I've watched him pretty closely for quite a few years. If anything, Brady is underrated. The scariest thing about him is that he's still getting better as is the team around him. His first two superbowls were won without a very good running back or a particularly good 0-line. The entire offense was on him. Now he has Dillon and a very good receiving/TE corps and what should be the beginning of a quite dominant O-line. And he hasn't reached his prime yet. If he continues to perform as he's done in the past, once he's finished, he'll go down as the greatest quarterback to play the game.

    One final thing -- when people talk about Belichick's genious, they rarely connect that brilliance with the fact that Belichick drafted Brady and handed him the reins. He did that for a reason. And, as you yourself know, Belichick is a pretty damn good coach.

    Brady makes everyone around him -- including the defense -- better. Brady and Belichick are as linked, historically, as Walsh and Montana. What Montana was to the 49ers, Brady is to the Patriots.
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