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    Oklahoma Viking Fans

    I remember how much of an influx of Viking fans in Oklahoma we had back when AD was drafted.
    Are they still around?

    I was pleasantly humbled when I was looking at the NFL Distribution map and saw that the Viking game not only being broadcasted in the regular Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee areas, but was also being shown in Oklahoma as well.

    I love the support we are getting from Oklahoma and have to say that Adrian Peterson left one of the largest college legacies ever.

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    Re: Oklahoma Viking Fans

    We have gotten to see all 4 games so far this year, which is great...usally we always see Dallas but now we are getting to see the Vikes, I wish the season was going better but maybe, just maybe thats about to change
    We are still rolling down here at OU just not quite the Running game we had 2 years ago but still quite the offense, hopefully we make a run at the title this year

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    Re: Oklahoma Viking Fans

    Trade for Mark Clayton, pick up Mark Bradley, get Ruuuufus on the field....and we'll call you OU north!

    Oh, and J.D. Runnels was a mad blocker for AD back in the day.
    I believe he's available too.

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