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    Ok..I know its a fantasy ??

    Had to get Viking fans Advice here. Im in a pay league, and Im 0-4. If I don't win this week its looking bad, well it allready is. I've got a good chance to win, and I could have won 2 of the 4 but have had the wrong players in at the wrong time...any ways my questions is

    Im starting S.Alexander and need another running back. last week I went with Moe and lost with Hambrick on the bench scoring big.

    I know the Falcons have been giving up big rushing yards but Is Moe going to get enough carries with Smith seeing more time? You know Tice, he likes to mix and match. I would think Moe would be good for at least one Touchdown? help?

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    Ok..I know its a fantasy ??

    God Bless America, & the MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

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