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    Re: OK can someone explian this?

    "Zeus" wrote:
    You are handed jello shots, Grain Belt Premium and treated like a friend.

    A stupid dumbass friend, but a friend, nonetheless.

    Thanks... I very well might have to visit once just to meet some of the members here in person... even if I am the minority in the fanhood department.

    Again thanks!

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    T-Jack vs Vince Young

    Since i've heard so many people say the Young is so great, thought i'd put the numbers out there

    Jackson, drafted 64 overall in the 2006 draft
    Young - 3rd overall in the 2006 draft

    2006 Young - 184/357 51.5% Completion 2199 yards 12TD 13INT
    552 Rushing 7TD 15Games
    2006 Jackson - 47/81 58% Completion 475 yards 2TD 4INT
    77Rushing 1TD 4games

    2007 Young 238/382 62.3% Completion
    2546 Yards 9TD 17INT Rushing 395 3TD 15 Games
    2007 Jackson 171/294 58.2% Completion 1911 Yards 9TD 12INT
    Rushing 260 3TD 12 Games

    All in all Young is not any better then our Jackson, and our guy was picked a lot later then Young was. Both teams have a bad set of recievers, except for us having Rice
    Both teams have a good ground game, we have AP
    Both teams can stop the run, but they also can get a pass rush
    All in all we should be good with Jackson, as long as we get him another legit weapon to throw to.
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