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Maybe if she got her facts straight she'd understand that only half of that 31 million is actually guaranteed in case he does something stupid.
I hadn't heard of any provisions.
If that is correct, Stallion then I'm even more happy(if possible) than I was before! ;D
It's not correct - God, people.

Here's the deal:
$16 million is guaranteed THIS SEASON.
That is the signing bonus.
The rest of the $31 million in guaranteed money is in ROSTER bonuses over the next few seasons.
That's why it's not "guaranteed" - because the Vikings COULD cut Allen after this season and they won't owe him that money.
I thought it was pretty straight-forward.
By now people should have confidence in Brzezinski.
The deal was setup so, if he goes off the wagon, the Vikings aren't totally screwed.
If there's one person you should have faith in at Winter Park, it is Brzezinski.
Yes - but people need to realize that there aren't any special clauses in the contract relating to his drinking.
The current CBA prohibits that.
It's just that the guaranteed money is spread out over the first 3 (or 4) years of the deal.

That's what Brzezinski does, writes the contracts so they are legally binding and are in the best interest of the team.
If that requires going through loopholes and clevery phrasing contracts, then, that's what he does.
He's one of the best in the business.