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    Offseason RBs available.

    Interesting now to think about the potential moves that could have been made during the offseason.

    I see Travis Henry just got suspended 4 games for violating league substance abuse policy, so we could have gotten us a spare Whizzinator if we weren't careful.

    Shawn Alexander, now this is interesting, watching him run today with authority I was salivating thinking about what he would have looked like in Purple in our backfield.

    Egerin James, also looking quite impressive for the Colts.

    It is scary to think that back then Bennett had more value and maybe we could have gotten Alexander or James. But then again I guess we could have gotten Henry instead so maybe the status quo isnt so bad.

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    Re: Offseason RBs available.

    Ya heres a Slow Clap for everyone in here who thinks shaun alexander is a "Dissruption" and wouldnt have been a good move well atleast we have MeMo

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    Re: Offseason RBs available.

    Who cares....we got Memo!

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    Re: Offseason RBs available.

    Yeah, any of you Henry guys still want him:


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    Re: Offseason RBs available.

    MeMo is impressive. Keep feeding him the rock and hope he doesn't get hurt.

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