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    Offord at Nickel LB?

    "TWISTED" wrote:
    Muchluv4moss, my point is that he's a wash. A converted QB took his place b/c he's just not very good. He's a simply a second stringer, and I dont want to see him in the nickle package. He couldnt learn to play centerfield, so I seriously doubt that he'll learn to play LB in a few weeks. Just my opinion.

    Hey I understand that is your opinon and i respect that, but there is a reason why he has been playing nickel LB and playing it pretty well according to the coaches.

    That converted Qb you are talking about had 9 int's last year and did pretty damn good. Just because the guy behind him can't beat him for a starting spot at FS, doesn't mean he isn't good at playing nickel LB.

    Look at corey chavous. He used to play CB and wasn't that great at it. If he was at CB on this team, brian wiliams and winfield would still start, yet chavous is a pro bowl player at a different position. He never was a pro bowler at CB.

    According to coaches, offord has looked good playing FS, but there is no way they will move him ahead of russell after what russel did last season. I don't see why this means offord can't be good at nickel LB.

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    Offord at Nickel LB?

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:

    That was just one example, that it can sometimes work. Birk was a guard moved to cneter when Lowdermilk left, and David Dixon was a D-Lineman when he came into the league.

    When Kirk Lowdermilk left?? Do you mean Jeff Christy? Lowdermilk was a LONG time ago!

    Me Bad, I did mean Christy (brain fart) got the wrong center.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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