"NodakPaul" wrote:
"SharperImage" wrote:
Ive Given up on this team..No use of me stressing out on a team who sucks when it has anything to do with the ball being in the air...We Cant Throw..an we cant guard the throw...we will be 5-11
"SharperImage" wrote:
Sometimes i ask myself why am i a vikings fan? Does anyone else?
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the perfect embodiment of the Fair Weather Fan...
I'm going to go ahead and say very few fairwether fans are going to check out their team's message boards and post 470 times on it.

Fact is, its amazingly frustrating to be a Vikings fans. We shouldn't be criticized for showing our frustration. Also, bad teams don't have fairweather fans. The fairweather fans in Minnesota are all cheering for the Packers right now.

I would say that he cares too much, and can't handle watching us suck.