Have at it ...

Loved the comeback and glad we didn't quit, but I think it had a lot to do with the Colts getting all conservative at the end rather than us imposing our own will all of a sudden.

From this day forward Frazier has to stop being referred to as a coach with a defensive background. It's an insult to defenses everywhere. The same tired scheme that didn't work when he was a DC is still not working now that he's a HC. I think we can stop blaming the players and start looking at the formula.

Back to back games vs inexperienced QB's and no takeaways. I'm tired of our defense making QB's look good. How the hell do we expect to compete in the North against guys like Rodgers, Stafford, and Cutler if we can't even slow down rookies?

Next week we get our first test vs a real team, and going by our performances the last 2 games, I think it's going to be brutal. I could even see us getting shutout. We were held to 2 FG's through 3 quarters vs the Colts patchwork defense.

Hopefully Simpson is the missing piece on offense, and things will pick up in week 4, but I have no fricking clue what we're going to do about this swiss cheese defense. It's going to be another long frustrating season.