"cajunvike" wrote:
"Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
Yah ur sis iz a babe LTrey!!! Give her my digits!!

Im gonna try ur gumbo one day Caj!!
See what I told you, ltrey!!! Those horny young PP.O'ers can't help themselves!!!

Can't say that I blame them...it's not often that you find good looking women that LOVE the Vikings as much as we all do...our board is very fortunate to have several hot babes that fit that description, but the guys that are looking for a hot woman that loves football and loves the Vikings far outnumber the ladies that fit that description.

Get her to join the board...we need to get to 5000 members by the end of the year...plus we can never have enough women (especially good-looking ones) posting here! Besides VikeBabe, Freya, countrygirl, DCPologirl and the rest of our ladies need all the help that they can get to maintain the Men thread and the Women Cheer UP thread!!! :lol:
Hmmm the men thread, hasn't been brought up in awhile has it? And God knows I need help with the cheer up women thread seeing that I brought it back with a picture of Brad Pitt and got no response or pics in return haha, girls where are you??