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    I was actually a little bit bored by this a good way. Tennessee had absolutely no shot in this game from the first time we scored. I'm not used to not being worried lol.

    As far as this place not being as seems to me that the site seemed unmaintained for a while. It ran slow, you couldn't change avatars or signatures, and I still don't think the new posts button works and that's a nice thing to have. Maybe that kept some people away. And I don't mean that in an asshole way. I really like this site, it's the only sports forum I'm on, it's way better than anything I could put together, etc...that's just how things appeared to me.
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    I am still trying to figure out who kidnapped the entire coaching staff and roster and replaced them with these guys because they are not your fathers(or even older brothers) Vikings.

    In the past this was exactly the kind of game where we should go out and dominate and yet they would somehow screw it up and lose. An old washed up QB like hasselbeck would generally come in and look like they just went through the fountain of youth or in the least they would look like they slept in a Holiday inn Express the night before.

    But son of a gun, these guys are hitting on offense, hitting on defense and hitting on Special Teams. I saw hits on defense today that I have been waiting to see since Browner and Millard hung them up.

    I am tentative to say this because I don't want to jinx anything but I officially take back everything I said about Hiring Williams and cutting Dunbar loose. This defense still is not elite, and they still have things to fix, but the players we have are giving it everything they have and they are playing above their talent level.

    On offense the team is starting to figure out their identity. The biggest bright spot on the OL is Fusco. I saw him do so many good things over the past few games that I am really sold on him. Last year Herrera and Hutch were a liability and they made the rest of the line look worse. This year the Guards are both much better and that makes the whole line better. I even saw Loadholt out there 5 yards deep looking to lay the wood on a defender.

    Ponder had a few picks. No big deal as he was more aggressive pushing the ball down the field and you will get more when you do that. There seem to be fewer and fewer noodle arm comments and he is showing that he is developing very nicely.

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    Great game by the whole team!!!
    I hope Ponder got all his INTs out of his system for the rest of the season and he will continue to improve. Such an uplifting thing to see improvement cause I.M.O up until the 49ers game I felt we were still stuck in the Childress era and would see no improvement till Frasier was gone. Sooo glad I am proven wrong thus far.
    Peterson is finally catching passes and making some runs. I would really love to see him hit the first hole continuously and not so many cuts before hitting the LoS.
    Percy Harvin is amazing! Our offense should continue to revolve around him, I feel he is our #1 RB. I guess it's just his height and speed, but I never see him not gain any yards on a rushing attempt.
    I don't remember seeing anything going to the direction of Simpson after the 1st or 2nd quarter? Was he hurt, or did they game-plan to just remove him from the game completely?
    Anyways, absolutely brightens my week each and every time the Vikings win a game, my TV does not leave the NFL Network after the Vikings win a game. Really hoping to see some Vikings love on the national networks, if not, oh well, on to the Redskins to continue to surprise everyone.

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    Great game. Happy for another win. Pretty good on all fronts. It's nice to see us win the games we're supposed to and win some folks thought we shouldn't. So far so good.

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    There was mention of the INTs, where Ponder should have had another that was dropped. The way I see it is the one that went off Kyle catches the pass instead of tipping it we would be minus one of those INTs. So either way, he was destined to throw 2 INTs today.

    Our defense drops a lot also. I think that Greenway drops at least one a game.

    I like our balance on offense, for years, we were trying so hard to be an offense and now it looks like we are. When it comes easy and we aren't trying too hard it looks good. I give props to our OC for some of this and the buys to carry it out. The offensive line being able to pass block and run block is a key part of this offense doing as well as it has.

    AP's injury and the need to ease him back has helped this team form an identity other than "Adrian's Team." Maybe it wasn't even the need to ease him back as much as in the off season the rest of the team not knowing if or when he would be back.

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    There was very little not to love about this game.

    The offensive game plan was much more like I felt it should be. Kudos to Musgrave. The passes were deeper down field and not our typical 0-5 yard throws. I don't think we even threw a pass down the LOS, which we normally throw a few of every game. I also loved the aggressiveness on offense! Finally!

    Rather than be complacent, protect the lead & simply hand it off right before the half and settle for the FG, I was happy that they actually passed & tried to score the TD. The INT was unfortunate, but somehow I felt OK with it, because of what I saw them try to do on offense. Ponder still had great game despite it & I was happy they didn't revert back to having him throw passes of 5 yards or less because of it. The 2nd pick was a bad throw, but I loved how many times he threw into tight coverage & connected, without hesitation. That is a NFL QB! The pass to K-Rudd in the endzone had a beautiful touch to it & with his great pass catching abilities, he made the catch look routine.

    We had a few FG's that I'd have liked to see be TD's, but there again we were aggressive on those drives. In the past we'd usually be too conservative on offense & end up settling for the FG. This week we were much more focused on getting the TD with our play calls. We ended up with 3 TD's & 3 FG's & I was happy with that.

    On defense we were much more aggressive. Kudos to Williams as well. At least IMO, we played a lot more man to man & went after the ball more. It was so much more exhilarating to watch our DB's knock balls away, have ant INT & miss a few others, rather than watch them play prevent & allow them to catch the passes underneath, then tackle them.

    I hope all 3 coaches learned something from this win & continue to game plan like this in future games, especially on offense. Continue to allow Ponder to throw deeper passes. They don't all have to be greater than 20 yards, those mid-range passes are all great to. We may see completion % slip a bit, but we are much better off with more yards, more firsts & more scores, than we are with a high completion %, a lot fewer yards, fewer firsts & fewer scores.

    This week Ponder actually had a much better completion % than last week when we tried to dink & dunk passes. I want to see that continue.

    Caine mentioned we were 3-11 on 3rd down conversions. I'd like to see that improve as well, but we still had 25 first downs, meaning we had 17 first downs come on 1st or 2nd down & I certainly have no problems with that.

    Great game! I hope we play like that when we play GB & Chicago.

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    well well well.

    4-1 sitting atop the NFCN and.. a force in the NFC!

    the positives are soo many i'd rather hold them off and just hit on a few things i'd like to bring into a discussion.

    1. the ref with smith. (Vikings rookie safety Harrison Smith ejected for contacting an official in Titans game - Washington Redskins - RapidReports) they are 4-5 yards away from the group .. smith allready backing up.. why is the ref still hugging him? your talking about guys in the mindset of aggressiveness.. they are in game mode.. and you want to keep pushing him backward? i agree it was smiths mistake to push the ref, it was smiths mistake to keep bla bla with whoever it was from TT's.. but comeone.. the ref should know as well these guys are in game mentality.. i still hold to the fact this ejection was based on the refs making their statement to the league. ok, it happend, it didn't cost us the game.. maybe a shutout.. but our D handled it smoothly.

    2. wtf PH... it's like watching a video game.. remember he was ROY.. from this game on know that every DC will be splitting their focus on AP/PH.. and comments that were made about Calvin Johnson and AP (meaning you can't stop them but you try to contain them) are now common to Percy's name! I'm also very glad about how AP handled the PH touch takeover.. AP was the center focus of everything.. now he's splitting those touches with PH. this coulda gone way way way bad with a selfish player.. but his comments show that this team is just that.. a TEAM and together they will dominate!

    3. DC - man.. what a difference some tweaking and coaching can do for a system. how many years have people here, reporters, anal-ysts, and wanna be nfl guru's lol'd the D of minnesota.. either our secondary.. or the front seven.. how many years were we sooo lopsided. stop the run swiss cheese on the pass.. in the last 2 weeks we've held 2 stars of their positions to nothing.. i'm really happy to see that the system is adapting, evolving, and game by game improving!! is this what happens with coaches who coach? (1 more week for marr's response here a)

    4. SPT Walsh keeps impressing me with his leg strength.. my dad mentioned as i was making a burger about one of his FG's that i missed.. "He kicked that so hard it went through, came around and went through again"
    my only hack on this part of the game was.. what happened on that fake punt.. everyone knew it was a fake.. everyone knew we were out of position/personel but no TO? nothing to correct it and stuff that lame attempt?

    5. Musgrave.. well.. your qb tosses back 2 back ints.. he didn't close the playbook.. infact he opened it more. that call for the Rudy TD was sweeet!! sure the percy screens and quick passes were way to overly projected.. if we had been playing an aggressive and better coached D those coulda been pick6's. but if we lul them in with those and show they are a threat, then musty can open things up downfield. One last part here.. when you see how dominant you are up front.. and decide to run up the middle time and time again with success.. why change. esp now that other teams will focus there, and then bam.. we'll have those classic end runs.

    6. Ponder 2 ints.. ok, he got over it.. GREAT.. this is what seperates good QB's from Great QB's.. is ponder GREAT? not yet.. is he moving there. to me slowly yes! the touch to the rudy TD... and hitting PH instride on the side go route.. great! 8 different people caught passes. though i noticed several of his throws were so focused he missed wide open people around. to a percy quick slant he had AP wide open left, on a few others i'll have to rewatch to verify he forced some throws into tight spots (many of which he made!) his progression either is not there yet, or those were called targets without having options to the rest of the field.

    7. Tenn. titans.. D although we almost had a shutout. give some props to those guys for not quitting. they were handed their arses. now as much as my purple shades wanna say we have players that break tackles and make people miss.. they have some SERIOUS issues with tackling.. wow.. my dad said at one point. "Are we that good at breaking tackles,, or are they just that bad at tackling" i figured it's a mixture but.. wow..

    O CJ??? you might want to give some of that money you got to our blockers.. i don't think they like you anymore..

    just some points to discuss.. as i think we all want to praise the Vikes on this win, and for me.. the TEAM deserves it!!


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    The thing that most impresses me this year is that they are letting their playmakers make plays and getting the ball to their playmakers often! It has been said on this site many times, whether it was Chilly or Tice, playmakers were left on the field without getting touches. This year it is obvious there is an effort to get Harvin and AD touches. I love PH in motion, in the backfield, on returns, screens, etc. Even with AD's limitations from coming back, he is still getting his touches.

    I would get so frustrated when Chilly would have a healthy AD carry the ball 11 times and Harvin have 2 catches, pulled off of special teams while running a couple of slant plays.

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    Always good to get a win and more so when I have to stay up late ( with work the following day ) and not feel I'd have been better off sleeping.
    Harvin again showed that he is one of THE premier players in the league at the moment and, even with the Titans expecting him to get the ball, still making those plays. In recent weeks the whole team seems to be playing with a real spring in their step, even Toby seemed to have rocket shoes on with his run up the middle which needed two DBs to bring him down.
    Ponder again played well despite his two INTs though there were several more opportunities that the Titans turned down, other teams may not be so generous. Having said that he has great confidence and was willing to put the ball in the air even after those two hiccups. He may not be an 'elite' QB but IMO he's a damned good QB who is working well within the system he's been given.
    Love Smith's play and aggression despite his getting thrown from the game. Didn't look bad to me but anytime a hand goes onto an official then you're on dangerous ground. Hopefully he'll learn and just save his energy for the next play when he can hit someone.
    Now there have been games when I have hated our playcalling but happy to say yesterday wasn't one of those games. We had some good calls on both sides of the ball and glad to see Musgrave opening things up a little more. Maybe he is now getting more comfortable both in Minny and with knowing what his players can take on and execute.

    My only hope now is that we continue to stay under the radar so that the team can continue without having national media coverage getting in their way. Good result and gives me more confidence for next week against Washington.
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    What a game.


    Coaching staff, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Our second best S goes out and you send in the 3rd best S and he shines. A pleasant surprise to say the least. Your best S goes out for a penalty and your 4th best S steps in and although he didn't make any standout plays (until that late tackle for loss ) the defense doesn't miss a beat.

    That my friends equates to "Coaching". Not a bunch of vets holding rookies hands. Coaching and I'm buying into it totally.

    In short, coach Frazier, I'm on board for the long haul.

    OL, I wish they were a bit better in the transition between run and pass but I think that is starting to come around. AD and Toby had a couple that should have went for more. When that starts to happen our 3rd down conversion will be a bit better I think.

    WR's. Jenkins....Arash.....Are they finally starting to become better or is our QB helping in that area. Regardless, they were both open several times when Ponder needed a target. Percy, well, Percy just belongs in another category along with AD.

    QB. Back to back INT's. Trying to force it a bit I think. Was that on Ponder or were the coaches asking him to force it a bit because of how well the defense was playing? One will never know, however, that is what I suspect. In the end, either way (Ponders decision/coaches decision) I liked that they recognized they could try it. That stuff will pay dividends later on in the year.

    DL rotation. We have our Warpig fella's. His name is Guion. I wish I could still chart with my lap full of Grandson, but I can't, but I counted out loud 5 separate times he beat doubles and got into the backfield. One of those 5 were triples.....

    On Robs early sack anyone notice who the third guy in the picture was eating up two blockers.....Griff. That guy played the 0, 1, 3, 5 and even dropped into coverage (effectively) twice, by my count.

    One play that I want everyone to look at is JA's sack. The difference between this year and last year are twofold.....1) That rotation is keeping old legs fresh and getting young legs on the field that wear the other teams legs down.....2) Play calling. That was a thing of beauty. Actually set the play up so that they left JA alone to come free to the QB. Perfection my friends. Perfection.

    LB'rs. Who was it that said they didn't want Erin back because he would mess with chemistry. LOL. He, Chad and Jasper were every where.

    DB's. Great game. Someone said it was because they were playing more man. Quite the contrary. The did the same as they have all year. Difference here was again, the DL batting balls, harrasing the QB and generally just messing everything up so they could sit in their zones and defend.

    Anyone notice who gave up the most yards though?.......

    ST's.....Held last weeks ST player of the week to how many return yards? Made all his FG's and extra points......We should have jettisoned that EXPUKER and his weak assed (high percentage) veteran butt years ago.

    In the end, we dominanted a team we were supposed to be equal to. Held a damn fine RB to only about 20 yards, flustered a damn fine veteran QB.

    This team is getting better and better, especially on defense. Here's to the coaching staff who are making them better and the players who are paying attention. Again, you don't run out your 3rd and 4th team S's and not miss a beat like we did last night without some damn fine coaching being done by someone.

    I will eventually hack on them for dumb stuff, but I will not ask for them to be removed again. Just like the players....I've bought into what they are selling.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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