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    Re: Official Skins/Vikes Game Thread

    The game was awesome! It was crazy, I watched it with a Redskins fan, and the guys crazy anyways so it got loud sometimes. It was split between who wanted which team to win. One guy kept saying "dude, they're gonna score, they're gonna tie it, skins in OT man" but is that what happened? NOOOO!!!!! That was lots of fun watching it. (thought T-will was gonna kill me though, dropping a catch on third down and one that would've been or at least led to a TD? woh man! I thought he did pretty good though) what was cool was one of my friends (a Broncos fan) talking to me today about the game saying "dude, your quarterback's old, but he is good. Just watching him last night I could see that." Alright!

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    Re: Official Skins/Vikes Game Thread

    Great Game.........the defense followed through their plays, made the extra effort and made a few tackles by shoestrings or whatever they could grab....haven't seen that for quite a while.
    Birk, Hutch and McKinnie.wait till they gel...
    So far C Taylor looked good.
    ANd something that's been lacking for a few years, nobody was dragging their ass in the 4th Q.........obviously someone had them working on conditoining with an emphasis on endurance..


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    Re: Official Skins/Vikes Game Thread

    I hope they can work on blowing out a few teams so that watching them play is less stressful. 17 seconds before the final whistle to see if we win or lose?!! My poor heart can't take that kind of excitement for too long
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