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    Re: * OFFICIAL * Reflections On The Bears Game

    my opinion is we won mainly because we commited to the run. 43 runs to 23 passes. thats wut we need more often

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    Re: * OFFICIAL * Reflections On The Bears Game

    What I like most about it all, was;

    We beat the defending division and conference champs in their house!

    It was a division game and we needed one bad!!

    It was a pleasure watching the next greatest running back to ever play for the Vikings, and he's a Rookie!!!
    Thank you LORD!!!

    And finally I'd like to end by saying this looks oh so sweet on-line
    #1 Ranked Rushing offense in the league!

    1697yds 339.4apg 851Rush 170.2apg 846pass 169.2apg 101pts 20.2apg

    Lo there, do I see the line of my People...Back to the Beginning.
    Lo do They call to me...They bid me take my Place among the Halls of VALHALLA where t

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    Re: * OFFICIAL * Reflections On The Bears Game

    i have read threw most of the posts and i agree with most everything said..

    a few things i'd like to point out that i do believe neeeeeds to be mentioned.

    1. OL
    especially left side.. open lanes 18Wheelers could drive through
    2. Whoever says (and i know a lot of you agree with this as i've read) that CT is not needed requires lessons in exaustion.
    Besides being part of the Greatest Tandem right now in the NFL, CT is a bulldog runner. Notice in his runs that he is carrying like 2-3 Defenders for those extra couple yards.
    He's a force, and his style will only help AP's quick cut knock u over style.
    Lastly on CT.
    he had 80+ yards.. that's more then a LOT of RB's last sunday.. now tell me.. do you really believe that AP woulda had the day he did if the Bears D had to just focus on him?
    no they got screwed cause they had to change their D style to match the running style of the RB who was in our backfield.
    CT + AP = Vikings playoff hopes.. either one without the other ins't the full potential.

    3. Tjack.
    first off.. 0 turnover!!
    that's a great platform to continue his learning year!! did he miss some plays, yes he did. was it cause he was rushed.. maybe (doubt it though), was it cause he's still thinkin groin?
    possibly, why dind't he run it? maybe Bchill said not to, maybe that's part of the learning.
    His over throw to Twill and TR were sad, but the fact that he saw that play develop is good.
    His zingers to the slants.. wow.. that's gonna break fingers!!! does he need that umf to it.. some say yes cause it' helps with the YAC.. i'd say.. the YAC can't happen if it's to hot to catch.. a little off.. and i'm sure he'll work on this as well as field viewing.
    all in all. he's learning. his play action was amazing.. his throws are better, his decisions are better.. he's gonna be just what we want and i can't wait till next week.

    4. WR's.. we got seperation, we got some big catches, we had lots of drops. but the most important thing the WR's did sunday was BLOCK!!
    AP is fast, he's amazing.. but the blocking was PERFECT. any 1 of those TD runs coulda came back cause of dumb penelties.. the Bears D was stuck, pushed, and blocked greatly by the WR's.

    play calling.. i saw some vast improvements on the play calling. spread out, run first, and some great trick plays.
    I'm not sure why we didn't go outside on the runs in the end, but i guess if we were killin um up the middle why stop.
    if we had not gotten those -10 yards in the end.. we woulda broken several more records.

    6. ST.. well.. Hester is famous for a reason. he's not a slouch, and we didn't take care of our tackles. A slight block in the back helped start that td rush.. but.. our own AP will be making storms outta KR's!!

    7. D.. we stopped the run.. it seemed in the first half that we were gonna give up a big day on the Run side of the ball. but we didn't. still no1 has over 100 yards on us.
    now about the end.. ok MM's catch + run TD was great athletic ability, amazing focus and field presence.. Hester... DSmith's job at that moment was NOT TO LET ANYONE BEHIEND HIM!!!
    not sure bout that one yet, is that a benchable offence?
    should we make a target of him?

    8. lastly i just wanted to say.. as a team to have only 2 penelties, in that invironment, with such a stress filled game.. is a tribute to our guys in purple!!
    Great TEAM EFFORT!!!!

    2-3, and 1-2 in the div.. we're not far off from being a good team!!!

    btw.. NFC North who woulda said.. GB and the kitties fighting for first.. and the bears pullin up the cellar????


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: * OFFICIAL * Reflections On The Bears Game

    Lots of great comments gang. What a great effort by AP, and our o-line. We must carry this momentum to the Cowturds. The defense must find a way to stop the pass. Dallas is a very balanced offense, and we must pressure Romo, and keep third down conversions limited.

    That said, going to Chicago and winning a divisional game that we really had to have was a thing of beauty. We showed flashes passing, our rushing attack is second to none. We've started to find a identity and It'll make this team stronger down the stretch.

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    Re: * OFFICIAL * Reflections On The Bears Game

    "Braddock" wrote:
    "marstc09" wrote:

    QB: C+ TJ managed the game but was not impressive. 9 for 23? We have to do better than that. I know it was not all his fault but he needs to work on his accuracy.

    OL: B They looked a lot better this game and opened up massive holes for the running backs and protected TJ pretty well. Nice jopb guys, now lets do that every week like I know you can.

    TE: B Good blocking.
    Where were they in the passing game?

    DL: C We can not let Benson put 67 on us and I did not see much of a pass rush.

    LB: C I know it was on a special teams play but Greenway could of tackled Hester on that return. I have said this before Greenway is not the guy I thought he would be. Leber made some nice plays.

    ST: B I thought we did a decent job. Nice job Longwell! I know I was beating you down before but you made it up to me. Greenway needs to make that tackle!

    Coaching: B I thought the play calling was good. There were two plays I thought we should of passed instead of running on 3rd down. I think it was a 3rd and 13 and a 3rd and 8.

    Overall: C+ A great win in Chicago but we got to do better if we want to beat Dallas. We need to make a statement next week and knock off these guys. 3-3 would not be so bad.
    I have a bone to pick with all of these. Here we go:

    QB - For TJ to come back from injury, all the questions surrounding his return and blah blah, he did awesome. He didn't turn the ball over, which is EXACTLY what we need. And as has been pointed out many times, a lot of the incomps were drops, with some overthrown, but he's a rook that'll happen. I'd put him in a B range for coming back basically from a 4 int game to a 0 int game.

    TE - Shank caught the passes thrown to him. Just b/c TE's aren't catching passes doesn't mean it's their fault. TJ was throwing to WR all day. I agree with your grade, but not your comment.

    DL - No pressure? REally? really? After every played I saw Griese having to get up from his ass after being knocked down. The only thing wrong with the D line is they just seemed to be getting there a little late, but we ran a lot of 4 front, and the Bears OLine is pretty solid, so being outnumbered is tough to get through with. I'd give them a B b/c even though sacks weren't high, they were getting enough pressure to knock him down frequently, and that'd get into any QB's head.

    LB - Remember this is essentially Greenway's Rookie year. If you were expecting Urlacher, then you were mistaken from the start. As his instincts are fine tuned, he'll be deadly. Now he's just fast and a solid tackler (i know about his missed on, everyone slips up now and then).

    ST - Longwell gets an A. Kluwe gets an A (his directional punting is really coming along). Everyone else gets a C at best. tackling was not good. not impressed by them at all.

    Coaching - I thought we passed TOO much on 3rd and 3, especially late. I think B is a little too high, only b/c i felt like we let up with 7 min left in the game, just having our offense go through the motions, which led to a couple 3 and outs, and better field positions for Chi to score on. We needed to go for the throat a series more.

    Overall - Come on. Higher than a C+. We went into Soldier Field and controlled the first 58 min of the game. Yes we slipped up at the end, but maybe that'll show our D they aren't so hot after all and when the offense actually gives them a 2 TD lead, maybe they should protect it. Might knock the D down a peg when criticizing the O. Overall, i'd say a B
    I watched the replay and agree that TJ should be a B instead of a C+. The WR need to step up and help him out. Too many drops. I do not understand you TE comment. all I said was why are we not using the TEs more in the passing game. Shank did not catch any passes so what are you talking about? Again I stand by my post. We had little to no pressure on Griese. A lot of the reason why he had 381 yards on us. Not completely the secondaries fault. I do not know what game you were watching. What good is knocking him down if he gets the pass off. I was not expecting Urlacher with Greenway but I was expecting a lot more from a 17th overall pick. He is missing tackles and blowing coverage. Did you see the Bears? He missed the tackle on Hester and blew coverage on a big play to Olsen. He also slipped on a play and could of made a INT. That is just a few instances. Check my other posts and you will see that for the first third of the season he has play horrible. He needs to step his game up. He is fast but he has not proven to be a solid tackler like you say he is. I am not impressed with him. I still stand by the overall grade of C+. Yes we won in Chicago and it was a great win but I think without AD this game could have been won by the Bears. We were average at best and need to be better to beat the Cowboys.

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    Re: * OFFICIAL * Reflections On The Bears Game

    All I have to say is this:

    Aside from watching games live, this was the absolute most fun I've had watching a Vikings game in a long, long time.

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    Re: * OFFICIAL * Reflections On The Bears Game

    "SnoBumMN" wrote:
    All I have to say is this:

    Aside from watching games live, this was the absolute most fun I've had watching a Vikings game in a long, long time.
    Totally agree. I am so glad I was there live. I hope we can keep get better each week and play off this game.

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    Re: * OFFICIAL * Reflections On The Bears Game

    Perhaps a little different perspective.

    I was pretty gol 'darnit frustrated after the Detroit game. We could have won the game. But the play was so sloppy and uninspired it looked like last year.We had a lot of supposed upgrades under performing.Let's face it. Detroit sucked in that game.

    By the time I went to watch the Green Bay game at the dome, The Vikings were 1-2 and playing a back up quarterback.
    Green Bay had a great run defense and a decent passing game. It looked bad for the Vikings.

    But despite losing that game. The Vikings really weren't as bad as many thought they were. Holcumb was.
    But it was apparent to me the Vikings were improving; including the coaching a little.

    The coaching staff had an extra week to game plan against Chicago, and it paid off. It wasn't just Peterson. The coaches set it up so he could be successful.

    They came to Chicago to RUN. They had Kliensasser in to block on a whole lot of plays. You didn't see any throws to Kliensasser did you? They put in Herrera and let the line go after the defense. Herrera made a block on a backer about 4 yards beyond the line of scrimmage on Petersons first TD. The fullbacks also were used to block a bit more than usual.

    Then on Passing plays they left more people in to block and just used one or two receivers in the pattern on most plays. That made it easier for TJ. Less reads. More protection.

    Play action was killer in this scheme. If the receivers could hold on to the ball, and TJ could improve his accuracy a little, those passing stats would look better.

    There were three long passes. 33% success ratio is pretty good. Should have been 66% if Ferguson could adjust to the ball.

    The Vikings defense is good enough to be a championship defense so I won't criticize. I did notice James is not ready yet. He was very slow and had no moves. I hope he can recover from his injury. But it may take awhile.

    Chicago is still better than Detroit and Green Bay in my opinion. They knocked off Green Bay in Lambeau last week.

    And the Vikings went in there to Soldier field and beat them.

    Not a convincing win by any means. But I'm convinced this team is improving.

    And from a different perspective; I want to give the coaches their due for a well conceived gameplan.

    Now let's see how they do against Dallas.
    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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