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    Re: Official Post Game thoughts, rants, and observationa

    Ok my two pennyworth on this.
    Firstly pass protection - hello OL !
    this means stopping the defender from getting past you or getting pressure on the QB. The way our line have been lately my 13 yr old daughter could get past them - especially that 'tub o' lard' McKinnie. Johnson isn't the most mobile of QB's and so needs more than a micro-second of time to at least start looking to his receivers .. or even check down.

    Next play action - this is only effective if you do on occasions. Doing it on every passing play fools no-one, not even the Pack's DL. On one occasion they simply ignored it and damn near flattened Brad. Limit it to once a quarter if you really need it to be effective

    Penalties cost games - please emphasis this during the film reviews this week. The offside on the onside kick I can just about manage given the situation. The penalty for illegal blocking during the opening KR in the second half is just plain stupid and the sign of a half-assed effort at playing the game.

    pass defense - ok the D have played out of their skins this year and been the main reason we have stayed in games. Our run D is better than our pass D but do we really need to allow 3 consecutive third down conversions with a pass to Driver? Once ok it happens, twice is getting careless and three times is piss-poor. Add to that the TD pass almost at half time and there are signs that the DC and DBs are not on the same page for defending in those circumstances.
    I expect this to be improved next season with James and Greenway back but thats then and won't help now.

    Pressure the QB - Favre hates the Dome and makes no secret of it - why? because we have gone after his ass in every game there. Yesterday we seemed to nothing of the sort and so he sat back there picking his passes. We should at least have sent some decent blitzes after him early in the game if only to get him rattled and start him getting jittery.

    Childress says that the game starts with the lines - he needs to get them working well this week so that we can see an improvement for next week.
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: Official Post Game thoughts, rants, and observationa

    "WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    "TheAnimal93" wrote:
    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    I am so fricken pissed off at those stupid bleepers and bloopers losing to the cheesedicks! That's pretty much all I have to said about this game.
    I guess that Pack4life will be all over your butt this week. Dude, that sucks. She better give ya some pity sex every night this week!

    What the hell is sex?? I don't even want to look at her nonetheless have sex with her. What a poohie weekend!
    Your poor thing having to put up with the bragging.
    Don't really even know what to say about the game myself.
    There really is nothing to say, it was a pretty pathetic performance.
    And sad to say not exciting to watch at all.
    Of course I still love my Vikes, always will through thick and thing but it definitley sucks being a Vikings fan in times like these.


    Actually, you know she's really not too bad. She actually doesn't say anything if the vikings lose to the cheesedicks and vice versa. She knows that is she would talk sh!t I would go ballistic. It sucks more when I have to go to school on Monday after a loss to the cheesedicks (he!! a viking loss period) because all of the cheesedick bandwagoners come out and give me sh!t all day long. Today was the longest day with all the idiots talking smack. Thank God tonight we have volleyball and I can drill some people!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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