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    Re: Official Post Game Thoughts and Observations

    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    Here's a copy of the video that Childress showed the team about the Water Buffalo:
    That was the shit! That would have been so cool to be there and see that.


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    Re: Official Post Game Thoughts and Observations

    I watched the replay on the NFL network last night and saw a different game!

    I was wrong in my criticisms. It is amazing how much more objective one can be when they know the outcome in advance.

    TJ made some mistakes but played better than I first thought. Like most inexperienced qb's, he pressed a little trying to make something happen. On the airball interception to the other team, he had pulled the ball down and Wade cut off his route and started back toward the line of scrimmage to block for TJ. Still was a bad pass. But now I understand why it happened.
    By and large TJ was poised and persistant.

    Birk wasn't as bad as I first thought either. On the first sack, Peterson was back to block but couldn't get to Ehrlacher quick enough. On the other play Taylor was back to block but chose to block someone coming in from the outside on the right. Just a missed call on the blitz pickup.

    Cook had his issues in this game and could have played better.

    Greenway needs to learn to tackle a little better. He plays well but misses too many tackles.

    So in conclusion, the game was in doubt until late and I viewed it with frustration which colored my perception at the time. In review I found a more objective opinion and am much more optomistic about our chances.
    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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    Re: Official Post Game Thoughts and Observations

    "tastywaves" wrote:
    "Json" wrote:
    I think last nights game was a great opportunity for the Vikings younger players to get a feel for the "Big Stage" which will be very helpful come next Sunday Nights game.
    Now if the Vikings can knock off the Redskins next week in a big game I believe these two back to back prime time slot games will help the maturity of the young Vikings players and have them better equiped to deal with the post season envirmont.
    Good point Json, a lot of players on this team (1-2 year players) have been in a low pressure situation on a team that was doing a lot of losing.
    Now all of a sudden they have emerged in the last 4 weeks leading up to the Chicago game as one of the surging teams in the NFL that is starting to get all kinds of attention and have now been proclaimed as one of the real threats in the NFC.
    They have gone from a team where people were expecting them to lose to a team that people are expecting nothing but wins from.
    Usually beating Chicago in December would be a hugely celebrated win, but because Chicago is having a letdown year and we are now one of the best teams in the NFC, we need to blow them out to keep people happy with their play.

    No matter how the wins come, winning 5 straight to put yourself in great position to make the playoffs is a huge accomplishment for this team.
    Even the Patriots have had 3 vulnerable games in the last 4 weeks.

    Hell, the Vikings win the last two games and you might even see Chiller's name being put into coach of the year status.

    How quickly things change.

    The game was filled with mistakes, but winning a game where you had -3 TO score is huge.
    Next Sunday will be another great test and I can't wait to see it.
    Its a week to week sport with a lot of parity, you can only hope your team comes out to play and is focused on the job at hand.
    But expectations for wins in my mind are still very tempered, just having a blast watching this team play.

    Also, everybody giving Ferguson shit about being caught by Tillman, should go back and watch the film.
    Tillman was an animal in that game and he ran down a lot of players, speed is speed, can't fault Ferguson for not having the god gifted talent of 4.3 speed.
    His play of breaking the tackles and making the big play should hold its own merits.
    As much as I hate to say it, he is the best option we have for our #1 going into the last few weeks and hopefully playoffs.
    Wade is a stud at what he does, but that is #3.
    Rice should be #2 if healthy.

    How many big plays has he made this year?
    ??? :

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    Re: Official Post Game Thoughts and Observations

    The Vikings defeat of the Bears 20-13 was a hard-fought, come-from-behind victory.

    Tarvaris Jackson - Number 7's play was 18-29 with 249 yards and 3 INTs. Jackson made several excellent throws such as that to Kleinsasser. Two of the interceptions were thrown poorly. Jackson kept his poise and didn't lose confidence, just like he should. We have seen a gradual uptick in Jackson's play. He led a successful drive culminating in a field goal at the end of the second quarter which set the tone for the rest of the game. He also led the key fourth quarter touchdown drive. The next step for Jackson will have to be reading Cover-3 and audibiling to a hitch, slant, or skinny post. Jackson also needs to show improved mechanics over this game. He got out of fundamentals a few times such as with the late second quarter INT. Jackson also needs to make his play action fakes better to buy more time.

    Pass protection - Pass protection was up and down again. Jackson usually was not able to step up in the pocket because there was no room. Adrian Peterson is still learning how to pass block. Veteran Chester Taylor continues to display his excellence in this key skill.

    Adrian Peterson - The Star had 20 rushes, 78 yards, 2 TD, and 1 catch for 17 yards. He fumbled early in the game when receiving a handoff due to a simple error that was probably just big game jitters. Peterson showed his toughness and professionalism by not letting up. Peterson's presence freed up the passing game which had one of its biggest games of the season in terms of yardage.

    Chester Taylor - My pick for runner-up MVP of the team. He had five rushes for 31 yards, a nice 6.2 yard per carry average. Taylor has set the tone for the Vikings in class and professionalism.

    Robert Ferguson - On his reception for 71 yards, Ferguson caught the ball, then shook off SIX Bears, then raced to the 1-yard-line. He might not be as quick as some other guys, but that open field manuever was brilliant.

    Ex-Packers - Ferguson, Longwell (FGs of 42 and 48 yds), and Sharper (1 INT, 1PD) came up big for the Vikes today.

    Cullen Loeffler - Three poor long snaps in the game. Later we learn his wife had just gone into labor. I hope everything went well in the delivery.

    Brooks Bollinger - TJack developed a cramp during the fourth quarter drive for a TD that would finally put the Vikes over the top. Bollinger entered the game cold and missed the handoff to Peterson. Peterson took the ball anyway and ran into the endzone. Then Bollinger ran a great quarterback draw and dived into the endzone for the 2-point conversion. This sequence was not perfect, but it was effective. Bollinger remains a great backup QB for the Vikes.

    Resiliency - This game was won by the Vikings due to their resiliency. It was never say die. It was do not give up the ship. Persistence paid off.

    The game against the Skins on Sunday evening will be a challenge. It is a playoff game, with the whole season riding on the line. Every play will be intense. The Vikes can win if they stick together and give it all they've got.

    Go Vikings!

    Go Vikings!

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