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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    Yeah we missed plays but it also dint help on how the game ended once again the refs stuck it to the vikes no kiss, no grease, just stuck the vikes again if I was childress I would want the entire
    stable of Refs investigated.

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    A few initial thoughts with more to come later more than likely.

    OL - awful pass protection and general sloppiness. McKinnie is still a tub of lard in my books, always has been and always will be. He should be setting an example to the younger members of the line but
    all he does is suck. Good call to pull hiom towards the end of the game.
    As for the last INT play by Holcombe - two packers jumped offside - why didn't Birk snap the ball ??

    QB - Holcombe held on to the ball for so long, knowing he was getting pressurised then call quick plays.

    Playcalling - AP was again great despite not bing on the field more than he was - use your weapons
    Pressure will be on Childress and Zygi a lot this week - will be interesting to see if anything comes of it all.

    Defence - not a bad day considering how much passing was thrown at them. DL needed to get more pressure on than they did today.

    More to come after I've digested this some more
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    Vikings in 3 words... HAVE NO HEART

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    Since Childress took over our offense is as bad as i can ever remember. And we dont have a steller D to make up for it.

    Holcomb sucked. Griffin sucked, Mccaully sucked. Our oline sucked. And I think Greenway kinda sucked. Hes horrible in coverage and unless the tackle is right at his feet he misses. No pressure on the qb sucked. Can we please find someone that can cover????????

    Rice made a few great catches. Wade did ok. ST did good. Kluwe and Longwell were great. Winfield was his usual great self.

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    Pass defense - Cross and slants all day. ALL DAY. Why do we not adjust to that?
    Run defense - usual.
    WE HAVE TO TRADE FOR A PASS RUSHER. Anyone but Peterson. I personally would call up the Giants to see if they will agree Chester for Osi straight up (just throwing out ideas)

    QB - Holcombe is the definition of the suck.
    O-line - hmm....I almost laugh at the idea that our 100 mill line is more pathetic then the Packers (who are a string of 5th and 6th rounders).
    WR - Decent job.

    blah...overall Vikings deserve an F. Outcoached. Outworked. I will go punch something repeatedly now.
    Because I'm a Vikings fan, they are that much sexier.

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    *Sigh* another loss to the Packers.

    There were times when I was watching this knowing that we could tie or go ahead at any time in the game…we were so close!
    We just cannot get that certain play to get us going!
    This could’ve been 10x worse had the Pack held onto all of Holcomb’s passes he threw to them.

    It’s very sad when we put together a good drive and end up kicking a darn field goal.
    We get the pass to Shiancoe 15 yard pass, then Chester for a sweet 37 yard gain.
    Then the “Vikings” take over a week get KGB stripping the ball and we end up with 3.

    On the Defensive side we hold them on a drive only to have their fricken punter gouge us for a first down.
    Terrible pursuit by Special Teams, just terrible as they looked like the 11 Stooges.
    The Pack made the plays when it counted, we did not.

    Where the hell was the crowd?
    After the half we were only down by 4 and you could here a fricken pin drop in the Dome.
    What a shame to have home field disadvantage.

    Holcomb was not sacked a lot, but he sure was under pressure quite a few times.
    I am glad that we did attempt the deep ball.
    As you can see we are not a deep ball team.
    We have guys who cannot finish the play and haul it in and we have QB’s that cannot hit that guy at times.

    I am not going to concede that we dominated their run game.
    They simply chose not to run the ball because we do have a good run Defense.
    Then we get Moracy to fumble, but the dang ball goes out of bounds; just our luck.

    Ultra’s Salutes:
    had a solid game.
    Gave us hope in the end!
    did not get toasted.
    Came up with some nice tackles and had a sweet hit!
    liked the attitude and intensity he played with.
    had another good game capped by a huge run and another that almost went big.
    He also looked great on returns too.
    He will do well there this year and should help give our Offense some yards so we can punt the ball or kick a FG.
    the numbers are not there, but we saw shades of CT’s drive on his 37 yard run.
    did a good job of dropping it inside the 20.
    hit them when we needed it.
    Run D:
    although their game plan was to pass, they did a great job vs. the run.
    did not have as many penalties as we would’ve expected
    I like this kid.
    Had a nice catch and run for 40 yards.
    Caught the first TD in 20 posessions, that's worth a salute

    Ultra’s Thumbs Down:
    Pass Rush:
    looked ok at times, but with Brett getting near 70% completions it has got to be there more often.
    Holcomb was under pressure way too much…again!
    looks lost again.
    Did have a good defended ball in the 3rd.
    way to give-up a first down to a Punter.
    Hang your heads fellas.
    out coached and play calling ineptitude.
    could’ve been so much worse had the Pack held onto the balls.
    Missed open WR’s when we needed a big play.
    out of the game even though we were not.
    Pass D:
    gave them all they needed.
    can this guy pass block or what?
    He blows!

    Well, I think we should get used to this type of play for the rest of the season.
    I think we are a 4-6 win team and there will not be any easy victories ahead.
    At the end of the season we will be looking for a new QB via the draft of FA.
    Childress will be gone and that painful 2 year chapter of mediocrity.


    that says it all

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    "kramer9guy" wrote:
    I liked the look of those slick uniforms. Game-wise, it stunk. Too many negatives to even mention. I have a headache.
    Yah I liked those old unis. One of the better things about the game. ???

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    i still dont get why we never got a real qb this offseason because here we are in week four and the past two games have been started by a 3rd or maybe 2nd string qb.

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    "kevoncox" wrote:

    1 stat explains this game.

    AP 10 for 108 at 5 min mark in 2nd quarter
    12 for 112 at end of game....

    Fire Childress now.

    YOU KNOW!!

    I'd LOVE to yell at you for your narrow minded view of the game of football for saying someone is terrible because of ONE COACHING idea.......

    except you're right.

    (and this isn't the first time he's done something like this......Chilly did it last year with CTaylor a few times as well.
    He tears it up then rides the pine for NO reason at all)

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    Re: Official Post Game Thought, Observations, and Rants

    In our 3 losses, this team has had so many opportunities to win, and hasn't done shit. I hope we can end up with a double digit loss season so people can wake up and make some real changes. Suffer now so we can be successful later.

    Fire Childress.
    Fire Bevell.
    Cut Dugan.
    Cut Holcomb.
    Cut Bollinger.
    Give the ball to Adrian.
    Trade McKinnie.
    Trade Udeze.
    Trade James.
    Start Robison.
    Draft a new QB.

    If we can do half of those things in the next year, this will be a much better off team.

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