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    Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    Well, this is the last one for this year.

    What a pathetic game folks.
    Just got smoked by the Rams.
    I really thought we could keep Jackson in check and hold onto the rush record.
    And, our streak of not allowinng a 100 yard rusher is gone.

    TJ has a ways to go.
    I think he will be good for us...I hope so.

    I hope the offseason brings us a pass rusher to compliment our Pass D.
    I would like to see Nap stay, but I doubt it.

    See ya next season.

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    Tarvaris has a long way to go. He had some nice passes here and there but had some serious rookie mistakes. I'm sad to say that we probably saw Brad's last pass as a viking, maybe of his career. He did a lot for us throughout his career and there's no denying it, as much as we did trash him this season.

    The offensive line still sucks. Our receivers still suck (although Nance had some promising plays), our quarterback and coach are still rookies, our pass defense still sucks.

    Here's to a long offseason full of moss rumors, Tomlin mancrushes, and Childress bashing.

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    Dang it was fun to see BJ again for a play!

    Travis Taylor.................on tape.

    Thumbs down to announcers who forget there are 2 teams on the field. Or talk about TV shows during plays.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    All in all, it was what I expected.. TJ showed some flash as a good QB, but he has a while to go.. I strongly believe that the Vikes go after an established QB in the offseason.. If they go with either TJ, or Bollinger at the start of next season, it will be another long year..

    When we get Erasmus James back next season, that should help immensly in the pass rush.. It looked as James, and Udeze fed off each other last season.. We need help at WR, and in the secondary.. Its pretty sad when your run defense is #1 in the league, and your pass defense is last in the league.. Hopefully we get some playmakers in the offseason on both sides of the ball..

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    I would like to take this opportunity to officially say "Good Bye" to some vikings players we all love, hated, and enjoyed watching.
    Any way you look at it, they were Vikes first and foremost and we all will miss them (except for a few).


    Thanks for the memories boys, may you land on your feet somewhere in the NFL and continued success.

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    After today, I'm not too sure that Tarvaris will be our starting QB next year. He really looks like the long-term project that he was projected to be. I see us bringing in Schaub/Plummer/Carr/Garcia and letting Jackson sit on the bench for at least one more season if not two.

    And once again, we had absolutely no pass rush and a horrid pass defense. On top of all of that we couldn't defend the run. It kind of just looked like some of the guys quit.

    All in all, while I never ever want us to lose, this one didn't hurt very badly because we were out of the playoff picture and I know it helps our draft position. And while I know that some of you will object, I believe that we aren't too far away from becoming a very good team. We just need to get the right personnel for Childress's system. I can only guess that now that Childress has had a full season with the current roster of players, he knows who he wants back and who he doesn't. There will probably be some surprises when it comes to who is released, but I still believe that Childress knows what he is doing and just needs time to get all of the pieces in place.

    Here's to next season and a safe and happy new year for all Vikings fans worldwide.

    Even babies know the difference.

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    This was a very sad way to end the season.
    I think I've fallen into the trap of overestimating our talent level.
    It's a common thing for a fan.
    You want to believe your team is better than they play, but maybe that isn't the case.
    I see lots of high calibur players, but it hasn't ammounted to anything.

    I'm glad that our loss ensures a higher draft pick.
    And it is always nice knocking the Packers out of the playoffs.
    Not like this, though.
    The way our team has played the last three weeks (ever since their 4-2 start actually) . . . it really makes you wonder what we're going to do next year.
    The short term future does not look promising to me.

    Why is the offensive line so bad?
    Two pro-bowlers and one reserve pro-bowler and what does it all add up to?
    Constant pressure on your QB and a hit and miss run attack.

    It also sucks that Stephen Jackson had to run all over the defense.
    If there was one thing we could have taken from this game, it was the distinction of being the best run defense of all time.
    Now we don't even have that.

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    I thought Tarvaris played an OK game. He had two rookie-esque throws, that I hope he'd never make again. As far as next year goes, I could see him starting, but I could also see him sitting for another year or so.

    It was nice to hear the cheer that Brad got when he took the field. There were even people sitting around us that were yelling for him in the 1st quarter, lol.

    The rest of the game was just more of the same old story. I don't think I've ever been glad to see a Vikings season end. Then again, there is a first time for everything.

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    Well was previously mentioned...what a pathetic game and season it has been!
    Thank God it's over and let's look forward to a better 2007-08.

    On that note, let me be the first to begin the Childress bashing!

    At the beginning of the season I was really questioning the manpower and talent we had in store for us...especially with the offense.
    First and foremost I thought we were extremely lacking at receivers, qb, and even at running back.
    Who was Chester Taylor I thought?
    I thought our defense would play about as good as they did this year...strong on stopping the run...still fairly weak on the pass. (Too bad Antoine can't play at every position on the field at once in pass defense!)

    A couple of games into this year, everyone was surprised a little that we had won the first two...but very suspect was our lack of offense in those two games.
    The defense clearly was the leader.

    As the season progressed, it became very clear to me that Childress has no business being a head coach in the league.
    He is at a CFL level at best and his type of offense would probably go nowhere up here either.

    There has been just too many games where he has done the exact opposite of what should of been done...time and time again.
    ie...beginning to throw the ball when the run was working...continually trying those ridiculous 1-2 yard flat passes that have the receiver being tackled immediately...throwing a 3 yard pattern on 3rd and 12...keeping Wiggins out of the offensive scheme too much....keeping Williamson IN the scheme too much!
    (I hope it's also clear that Troy is a complete bust...any player with talent would of shown something by now...someone give him a quarter to call Brian Bosworth...maybe he's got some film work for him)

    But worse than all of this,
    his players (except for a few of the true professionals) looked to me that they simply lost heart because of his overall coaching abilities.
    i.e. Wiggins dropping catches that we all know he can make...Birk moving slow and apathetic on many occasions...even Sharper looking quite dull on several games prior to today's "call it in" effort.

    Childress only beat one of the worse ever offensive efforts by a few garbage touchdowns all only 5 points better than the 276 points scored by '84 Vikes led by the imfamous Les Steckel.
    And we all know what happened to Les after his rookie season.

    Why should Childress's fate be any different?
    Because we hand picked him from the Eagles?
    Sorry, but I expected better.
    Better choice of players to begin the season...better assessment of talent....better playcalling....better discipline (#1 in penalties this year!)...better motivation for our big $ players (Hutch and McKinnie were very disappointing for the dough shelled out for them)...better idea of what to do throughout the season.
    Yes, there were some things he has done selecting Tomlin to handle the D...(there must be some other ones...I just can think of any right now!)

    I know a lot of people will be saying..."but it's his first year"...."rookie coach" and all that crap.
    But's time for some other team to try out a shot in the dark coach.
    We simply got worse as the season went on...playing heartless and gutless on offense, where the game was painfully still in progress and it was only the 3rd quarter.

    This organization is simply trying to get things to work on a gamble in too many areas.

    Let's review...a team that once had a successful head coach (Green)...a potent offense (Robert Smith, Randy Moss, Cris Carter, etc etc etc) replaced with (Tice...(ridiculous) and now Childress...(raw and outrageously boring)....and receivers Travis Taylor (nice guy, but not a #1 WR)
    Billy McMullen (nice guy as well but
    C grade)...and TroyW(pretty well useless who IMO, his NFL career in question)

    Most of this falls on the coach's shoulders and I don't think we should wait around to see if Chilly will "learn" the trade over the next few years.
    Cut him loose and let him try elsewhere and let's make a better choice for the helm.
    We as fans deserve it.

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    Re: Official Post Game Comments, Rants, and Observations

    Man. I am just exhausted after this season.

    It's tough times for Vikes fans these days, but if we hold true...

    There may be light at the end of the tunnel...

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