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    Re: The "Official Moss" Thread...and the only one!

    Its time for people to chill out.

    Reread the rules.

    And think before you post.
    If it will not add to the thread, then DONT do it.

    I am going to start stomping out thread hijacking, and no, there needs no be a debate on it.

    Randy Moss is gone, he is not coming back, move on.
    Its time for members to remember why they came here and ask if they are keeping up the tradition, or just being jerkoffs for the fun of it.

    I have a tendency to cast off jerkoffs when my patience is exhausted.
    So stop the attacks, stop pointing fingers, and start some introspection.
    You know who you are.

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    Re: The "Official Moss" Thread...and the only one!

    The "ONE AND ONLY" Smackdown that needs to be put out there ... nice !!!!

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    Re: The "Official Moss" Thread...and the only one!

    Well Webby I must disagree, tho it would be difficult it is possible that he could be back here before he retires.
    I am not sayin it will happen but i think there is a possibility and would love it if that happened.
    The moss trade was horrible, except harris is playing great and Williamson COULD end up catching the ball but if moss was on our O he wouldnt get great numbers but he would open it up for everyone else to get numbers.
    Losers find excuses, Winners find a way!

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    Re: Vikings should make offer to get Randy back!

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "whackthepack" wrote:
    "sleepagent" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    [quote author=Prophet link=topic=28178.msg483361#msg483361 date=1160666394]
    Click on Bill’s face
    [img width=189 height=231][/img]

    Webby, is there any way you can set up an automatic thread about Moss every day....and if someone opens it a virus destroys their computer?

    That's just mean...a better option is NOT TO OPEN THE THREAD IF YOU AREN'T INTERESTED!!!!
    I agree.

    I don't understand why people make comments in threads they are tired of.

    It is VERY obvious what this thread is about . . . so if you are tired of the subject . . . don't come a knockin'.

    Many people are making comments that are new and this isn't the way to expand membership and make people feel welcome.

    Why do we look at these threads if we are tired of the subject?

    Because the Moss and C-pep wanna be love slaves distort the events of both of their trades and reality of the situation, so we read them to correct the people that live in a Moss & C-pep colored glasses world!

    We get a new thread every 2 days about something that has been rehashed to death, and the Moss children come out of the wood work and everything that has been debated is on again!

    The trade happened 18 months ago he isn't coming back and he has done nothing since he left, so why should we have a thread every 2 days about how they miss Randy, and how they want to marry him, and he is the greatest guy that has ever lived, and how he tells it like it is, or that is just Randy, or he never did anything wrong when he was here and it is all the medias fault!

    My God people move on with your lives!
    The world did not end when the Vikes traded him, and the world will not be reborn if Randy returns to Minnesota!
    1998 is gone and never coming back, and if Randy came back to Minnesota today we wouldn't be a high powered offense tomorrow we would have the same type of offense that we do today.

    So that is why he put the Bill Murray clock on this thread, and it is well deserved!
    NOT your job...nor is it anyone else's...YOUR job is to WHACK THE PACK...not fellow members!

    Never said it was my job Cajun, but I like doing it so I will continue to!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Unless you are telling me Cajun that I can't responde to threads about Moss, but I don't think that is your job to decide!
    But if one of the mods or Webby bans me then they do, but until then I will responde to the ridicoulus number of posts about Moss.

    And another one was created and Ultra merged it with this one.

    So Cajun good luck!


    Just like others like speculating on whether Moss is coming and let post!

    We don't need to be scaring away new members just because they are expressing their opinions on a topic that is important to THEM.
    Now, if it's the SAME OLD POSTERS that keep bringing back the same old debates, that is a different story.
    Save your vitriol for those people, not the newbies...cut them some slack or they won't come back.
    We don't need to become a dictatorship here...many different and diverse ideas are welcome here...and I would rather see what others have to say than have a bunch of LURKERS reading what a few of us have to say. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING!!!

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    Re: The "Official Moss" Thread...and the only one!

    Just had to get that in.

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