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Did you happen to notice on that great pooch kick off that Walsh was standing close to the ball like it was an on siders. As soon as the kick returner saw that he started jogging up . Tell me why a coach has a kick off guy tell the pooch before the fuking play even starts. Watch the replay. It was set up like a regular kick return with a nice wall in front of him from the 20. Absolutley inexcusable to show your hand before the kick even starts. Clusterfuk coaching as usual. People can say what they want about Frasier but when you make the same mistakes over and over again in a season.. YOU SUCK!,

Item... Everyone in the world knew that Cassel was the best choice to lead this team to anything that looked like a winnning formula. What do the Vikings do? They fuk along with that worthless Ponder and toss a season away by Halloween in a league full of mediocrity.

Item.... They give up three picks to move up and take Patterson. Everyone knows that he's a talented freak but that he's raw as a route running receiver. Yes, so was Percy , but you find plays for him. What do the Vikings do, start a pot sending , drunk driving idiot all year long while Patterson gets about 15 snaps a game and nary a sniff. Now we are in week 14 and they FINALLY figure out that he can rush the ball from the backfield, catch bubble screens, and actually make plays.. BRILLIANT

Item.... We start Erin Henderson at the middle, with that bum Marvin Mitchell on the outside. How bout you start Audie Cole who has shown he knows where to be on the field to make plays as the middle guy, and have Henderson outside where he belongs. So they put Cole on waivers while Erin is in the drunk tank . Luckily he sneaks through and they resign him. THEN he starts in the middle and is much more a difference maker than Henderson ever could be.. BRILLIANT AGAIN...

Item..... We lose in the last minute 4 times. The natives become restless on defense starting to question the defensive scheme with blown games that should have been wins. Last play against the Ravens... FROM THE FOUR YARD LINE.. COVER TWO.... TOTALLY FUKING BRILLLIANT.

Item> Lesile Frasier has never done a thing to warrant being an NFL head coach. His relationship with Dungy and the ROONEY rule are the only things that make his name even record a blip on the radar... We hire him.... BRILLIANTLY CLUSTERFUKED...

This team deserves what they get... oh ya. And a crooked ownership . Can't these fuksticks get anything right.. We go from that crook Mike Lynnn that fuked Max Winter where the sun don't shine... Then they get an ownership group of Fran Tarkenton. Cal Pohlad , and Irwin Jacobs, and Lynn fuks them too by controlling the voting stock. That was a death dart to this team, because what came after has been a total failure. Then we get that crook car salesman that we find out now was trying to move the team to San Antonio.. Then we get the word that a book author was going to buy. He of course did not have the money. Then that black dude that surely did not have the money. Then the crooked Wilfs... My god lets just put them back up for sale.. Maybe Oprah will buy us, and hire Dr Phil and Dr Oz as the triangle of authority. This team needs a few good docs and headshrinkers.
Finally had time to read this…great rant, with some good points.

I subscribe to the LB points, for sure. Erin Henderson, regardless of desire, heart, intent, etc, is not an MLB. Just not enough instincts, OLB, in space makes more sense IMO. But, who are we, fans, coaches coach, players play, fans yell, invest, tailgate, and bitch.

Re: Patterson…one of the new/best playmakers in the League coming to age. I, like you, wonder if perhaps, it could have been accelerated…duh.

Cassel vs. Ponder…the stubbornness to keep starting him whilst fans, coaches, GMs, commentators, radio announcers, my Mom, etc., can tell he's not better than Cassel, nor, the long-term answer; frankly, is the most frustrating thing for me to witness.

Further, I will NEVER cheer, wish, nor toast, a Vikings loss.