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    Just remember that next year we have something like 14 players who will be free agents and who will need new contracts or be gone. That and the cap problems that we are having doesn't make next year look any more promising.

    Might as well turn the staff over now and get on with getting on.

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    Our below average talent was good enough to get huge leads on several good teams, but unfortunately for us there's a rule that says the 2nd half must be played. So how can we play so good in 1st halves and so terrible in 2nd halves? No adjustments? Wrong adjustments? Out adjusted?

    Dating back to the Tice era It seems like we've always been out coached. I see no difference with Frazier and I'm getting tired of it. We finally got rid of Childress, so the best we can do is hire the guy that learned from Childress? Really? The past decade the Vikings have gone into every game with a disadvantage, we've always had the least smartest or least experienced coach on the field and we're not going to win crap until this same failed formula changes.

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