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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    Then pick ANY other opponent you wish that he played a full game against. Indy, Packers of 2008 even.

    Chargers were 7-9 last year & never made the playoffs. You act as if they are the best team ever.
    Chargers had the #1 offense, the #1 defense, and a crap special teams.

    Well, we held a high powered offense to 24 points. We put up 10 points on the #1 defense.

    We scored a KR TD on them, an issue that plagued them all season.

    If we won, it was due to that KRTD. That is the reason the Chargers weren't 12-4 or better. SPecial teams.

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    Sun fried Marstc's brain. McNabb sucked period!

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    So, my two cents worth.

    I didnt even realize BB was on the field, Jenkins showed he is a pretty good receiver, McNabb wasnt THAT bad (imho), B-Rob did ok but people raving too much about him, Awasom and Griffen did well when they rotated in, not sold on Sanford as safety but then as Johnson is only alternative then he has to play i guess.

    Good and bad in this game, our D did a decent enough job, some silly mental errors, like Greenway and EJ being drawn in when Rivers dumped over the top for the final TD, and the DT's.. GOD DAMN JUST WATCH THE BALL and not listen to the count.

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