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    just watched jimmy garropolo win the mvp of the east west shrine game. he looks pretty damn good, the analysts were sure slurping him up. he's taking mccarron's place in the senior bowl next week, it'll be interesting to see how he does. the hype train is picking up speed, he may climb draft boards like flacco did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamecocksbaseball31 View Post
    This is how I feel today... Will probably be totally different tomorrow.

    #1. Understand we'll be making the switch to the 3-4.
    Don't be so sure. Zimmer is not a 3-4 Coordinator. He's mainly run a 4-3, and at times will have packages featuring 3-4 based alignments. He's only ever run a 3-4 in Dallas because Jimmy Johnson wanted him to.
    #2. Understand we will be needing a QB... To develop for at least a year. Maybe he challenges Cassel, but let it be a true competition between those two guys and may the best man take it. I am comfortable entering the season with Cassel.
    Depends on who we get. If we draft a guy like Manziel, he HAS to HAS TO HAS TO sit for at least a year. IF we draft a mid round guy he needs to sit to learn. If we draft a guy who's more pro-ready, then they will likely start next season. Perhaps not right away, but eventually.
    Trade back. Yes I'm serious.
    That's what I've been saying. There's nobody that gets me super moist in the top-10. No QB stands above all others as a great prospect. Add in the fact that there's about 5 QB needy teams ahead of us, and we very well can be looking at the 4th best QB at #8. I don't want that. Trade back, get an extra 2nd or 3rd, use that for depth and eventual starters. Get a starter with our late first.
    Get back to somewhere around 13-17. Grab either: Louis Nix III to play NT in the 3-4, CJ Mosley at ILB, or Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix to pair with Harrison Smith. With the trade, we hopefully can pick up another 2nd.
    Again, I don't see us going to the 3-4. And I"m not wild about drafting a S. Ideally, we'll sign Jairus Byrd. As well, Taylor Mays is a FA from Cincy, who Zimmer might be able to Lure over here. If we can't get a FA safety using KW and Allens newly freed cap space, then by all means, draft one.
    Now our D looks something like

    DE Shariff Floyd. NT Louis Nix III. DE Brian Robison (yes I think he can handle this.... Better than moving him to olb.
    Brian Robison is 259 lbs. A prototypical 4-3 RDE, undersized even. He's a pass rusher mainly. His knock is his ability to support the run or clog up a double team. a 3-4 LDE should be pushing 300 lbs. The primary goal for them is to tie up blockers and holes to allow the LB to make plays. If we're going 3-4, it would be:

    RDE: Sharrif Floyd
    NT: Fred Evans (Hopefully we can draft a true NT, Evans won't really cut it)
    LDE: Letroy Guion

    for LB:
    WOLB: Robison

    WILB: Greenway

    SILB: Cole

    SOLB: Griffen

    OLB Everson Griffin. ILB Audie Cole. ILB Free agent/ 2nd Rd pick/Erin Henderson? OLB chad Greenway
    Erin is as good as gone. Got busted AGAIN for DUI. Expect him to be cut
    Cb Xavier Rhodes. FS Harrison Smith. SS lots of nice FA here or 2nd Rd pick CB #1 FA target. Vontae Davis

    One of the two seconds we would now have has to be QB though.
    McCarron </problem>

    With all of this being said, if Johnny Football is there at 8. Scrap this idea and lets roll with him! We need some fire and competitive spirit to pair with Zimmer's.
    I'd rather skin my eyelids off and watch a lowlight tape of Tebow than have Manziel on this team.

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    The 8 guys I'd want in order:


    If it's not one of these guys, I'd definitely prefer we try and trade down.

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    It says most of the senior QB's are not ready for the NFL


    There is some talent in the crop, and the best through two days certainly has been Fresno State's Derek Carr, younger brother of former No. 1 overall pick David Carr.

    But the remaining five quarterbacks on the two squads have yet to show they can be considered anything near NFL starting material coming out of college. That has been the biggest takeaway of this intriguing but fairly underwhelming group so far.
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    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox View Post
    Just wanted to create a thread dealing with the next Vikings QB.
    Plenty of names out there. This draft is really a hit or miss draft. There are going to be plenty of booms and bust guys in the next draft.

    Names that are jumping out to me and should be there during our picks be

    1st - Johnny Manziel
    2nd - Jimmy Garoppolo

    Both of these guys are hit or miss but they both possess elite level skill.
    Maanziel's is his speed and agility paired with his knack for the big play in back games.

    Garoppolo - a Qb with an ELITE release. Scouts believe once drafted it will be in the top 3 easily, possible the best.
    Didn't play against top talent. However, out played Carr vs. similar opponents.
    1st Round - Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel, Sammy Watkins, Gilbert (Trade Down), Carr

    If we don' take a QB
    2nd Round - Garoppolo

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    2014's Quarterback Conundrum - Out Of The Box -

    Thanks! Wow! That is a pretty crazy awesome breakdown of the top 4 QBs!!

    First off, I sure don't like Carr's less than average completions in the short and long zones. And he had a terrible bowl game when facing stiffer competition. I feel like if he's the last QB of these 4 on the board at 8, there should be no Pondering, and we should go defense and look for Mettzenberger or Boyd or Garoppolo or ??? in the 2nd...and then maybe look to back that pick up with a McCarron or Murrey in the 4th or 5th.

    Johnny Football does hit the big plays often. Likely, at least partially due to his scrambling ability buying time for his WRs to get down field (and open.) My worry about JF isn't his play making ability which pretty much jumps out to anyone watching, it is his thin frame and style of play that will too likely lead to him being a Vick type player; fun to watch but injured on the sidelines all too often. Smart, quick players can learn to avoid the big hits, is he one of those guys?

    Bridgewater looks pretty well rounded in this breakdown. Highly unlikely he gets anywhere near pick 8.

    Bortles' size intrigues me and he is faster than expected for his size. His completion percentages, like Bridgewater, were average or better in All Zones, and although he didn't throw it deep as often as the others, his completion % there was 2nd best only to Manziel.

    And then there is the blitz/pressure...more proof against Carr and for Bortles:

    - Upon first glance its pretty clear that Carr is lacking in both categories. His 50% completion percentage when under pressure is the worst among the top 8 QBs in this class and hes not setting the world ablaze against the blitz either.

    - When looking at both categories, Bridgewater is the clear winner. He and Bortles both complete about 63% of their passes when under pressure, but Bridgewater is heads above the other QBs against the blitz nearly matching his ability when there are no extra rushers.

    - Bortles has been noted for his success when under pressure and it shows here, hitting 63% of his passes when the defense is bearing down. He has the second highest completion percentage against the blitz at 71.05%.
    At the moment, pre combine etc, I'd rank them: 1.Bridgewater, 2.Bortles, 3.Manziel and if those 3 are gone, either grab the future superstar LB who is still there, or move back and grab either the next best LB, or go with Nix or Hageman to play DT next to Floyd. I say we keep EG to start in Jared's spot and sign a vet Nickel Back who has the experience to understand all those mid-route options, yet is still young enough to play out a 5 year, this is the spot I say we spend the most FA money on.

    Improve play at DT and the rest of the line improves with them. Put somebody who can actually cover at LB to help the Nickel cover those short-intermediate passes and we might actually see dramatic defensive improvement in year one under Zimmer. (Assuming a healthy Harrison, and competition between Sendejo, Sanford & Raymond, and I think we are OK at Safety)

    On a side note: Pretty damn sure I read that Zimmer said he will employ a 4-3 defense...but with some 3-4 looks thrown in once in a anyone?
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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